What are Post Export EPCG Duty Credit Scrips?

The Duty Credit Scrips Scheme, one of the most popular export promotion incentives offered by the Indian government, promotes exports. The Duty Credit Scrips Scheme, which is offered under the Foreign Trade Policy, is designed to encourage exporters to increase the amount of foreign currency that comes into India. What is a Duty Credit Scrip? […]

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Advancing the ‘New Normal’ with Telehealth Trends

The healthcare industry has gone through many changes over the decades. Gone are the days when patients had to visit a physical hospital or clinic to meet a doctor. With the rise of telehealth, one can now meet a doctor on digital platforms. Healthcare has become more accessible to people living in remote or rural […]

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Software development & testing

Why Should You Foster Female Leadership in Your Firm?

Why Should You Foster Female Leadership in Your Firm? Women often remain underrepresented in leadership roles despite their abilities and skills. Different industries across the globe prefer male leadership; more of them think of it as a tradition. However, women are capable of assuming leadership roles in different organizations. They can develop creative strategies and […]

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Software Development

What To Look For When Choosing A Mobile App Development Company

Let’s face facts: smartphone users are increasing at an enormous rate.  As of 2024, there are 6.84 billion smartphones across the globe. And half of the American population spend five to six hours on their smartphones daily. Given such a great increase, the mobile application development industry is also experiencing a massive boom. That makes […]

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Travel Tips You Must Know Before Going To Paris

Famous for the city’s landmarks, Paris is a dream destination for many. If you are going to Paris for the first time, it can be overwhelming for you to choose between tourist attractions. A trip to Paris is quite expensive but indelible, so you would want to make the most of your trip. From exquisite […]

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