Healthcare CRM Softwar

Healthcare CRM Software: A Solution to Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare CRM software delivers endless possibilities to enhance the patient care experience, engagement and satisfaction. In fact, it also enables the healthcare ecosystem to streamline its workflow with ease. That’s the reason, the global healthcare CRM market is roaring right now. As per reports, “The market was valued at ​​USD 13.2 billion in 2022 and […]

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Cyber Threat Hunting

Is Cyber Threat Hunting a Realistic Practice with the IoT?

Although an effective EDR system will safeguard your networks and endpoints from the majority of cybersecurity attacks, no security solution can ensure that every attack will be prevented. A dedicated hacker or threat agent who is especially targeting an organization will have spent a significant amount of time conducting study and reconnaissance on the target. […]

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Extending mainframe investments with modern software development and DevOps solutions
Software Development

Extending mainframe investments with modern software development and DevOps solutions

In the recent technological developments, many companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, etc., are providing cloud services. In between these cloud services many think Mainframes are no longer used in developing modern technologies, but it’s not true. Mainframes are used to manage more than 85% of credit card transactions. Nearly 350 companies in Fortune […]

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Top Software Testing Blogs
Software Testing

Top Software Testing Blogs To Follow In 2022

If you’re employed in software quality assurance or software testing, you almost certainly rummage around for ways in which to stay up with trends and improve your testing practices. One of the popular techniques is to follow the blogs of business leaders. There is a variety of blogs out there, though, and it is often […]

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