Avaya IX Calling Design Exam

Tips For Preparing For The Avaya IX Calling Design Exam

If you are looking for the Avaya IX Calling Design Exam to test your abilities, then you have come to the right place. Before beginning your preparation, however, it is important that you first understand the steps involved in taking the exam itself. The IVA exam is administered by Avaya, and their calling service is […]

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Bug Management Tools
Software development & testing

Pros and Cons of Bug Management Tools

A bug is any flaw or error in the development or design of software that causes it to behave unexpectedly or undesirably. As software products become more complex, the chances of bugs emerging in production are increasing. To deal with these bugs, it’s important to have efficient bug management tools in place that work as […]

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Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Apps

10 Trending Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Apps That Work

Ecommerce Apps: The Way to Shop in 2021 Ecommerce has quickly turned into one of the best ways to ensure that your business can run online. The world has adapted in many different ways to ensure that the pandemic affects us less as possible. One of the major changes that can be observed is that […]

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Efficient Test Automation
Software development & testing

Carrying Out Efficient Test Automation – Steps Inside!

Software quality assurance and testing are a crucial part of every application development lifecycle. Most enterprises and test engineers today prefer automation testing and bug management tools thanks to the entire host of advantages offered by it. There’s no denying that the straightforward learning curve with minimal time and energy in testing are the good […]

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Testing Process
Software Testing

How to Improve the Testing Process?

Quality assurance teams go through constant pressure as they have to ensure that the program is 100% bug-free. Testing is becoming a constantly challenging job as there is a time constraint, in which testers are required to do quality debt testing. Being good at testing is never enough, there is always the question that was […]

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