Virtual Teams

Top 10 Benefits Having of Virtual Teams

Another name for a virtual team is the remote team. This is because, it is a group of people who perform together from various geographical locations and depend on communication technology like voice conferencing services, video call, FAX, and email, in order to team up. It also refers to teams or groups that perform together through […]

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New Homer Should Save Money
Real Estate

Five Things a New Homer Should Save Money

So you’ve quite recently moved into your new home. You’ve emptied the containers and begun to unpack your life. This moment is the ideal time to stroll through the checklist of ways to save money on your home for many years to come. Here is the list Beginning these things as early as possible will […]

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Application Performance Testing
Software Testing

5 Pro Tips for Application Performance Testing

Businesses focus all their efforts on improving the digital experience as compared to the speed and load times. This is a key reason why performance testing is becoming important for software development teams and they need to focus on the load and stress testing strategies. A good performance testing company employs the latest tools and […]

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Happy Testers,
Software Testing

Happy Testers, Happy Clients and, Happy You

It’s a well-known saying, “happy employees lead to happy customers”. This is what this article is about. Testers put a lot of effort into the testing process. It consumes their mental energy and monetary compensation is not enough to reward their dedication. And if you don’t show appreciation, your testers won’t be happy and this […]

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