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Famous for the city’s landmarks, Paris is a dream destination for many. If you are going to Paris for the first time, it can be overwhelming for you to choose between tourist attractions. A trip to Paris is quite expensive but indelible, so you would want to make the most of your trip. From exquisite arts to the biggest landmarks, there are a lot of beautiful attractions to feast your eyes on.

Before you embark, there are a lot of things you need to plan around your trip.

  • How much time do you need for your Paris trip?
  • What attractions should you see?
  • How will you plan your trip?
  • Do you have anything in advance?
  • Where to stay?
  • How to avoid a throng of people?
  • When should you visit?

Travel tips you must know before embarking on a Paris trip

In order to make your Paris trip ineffaceable, you should follow the following tips:

  • Learn some French etiquette to blend into their culture

It is amazing if you know French as you will find it much easier to communicate with locals there, but if you do not know the language, you should learn basic greeting terms to sound like a Parisian. Euphemism is the key to being on good terms with storekeepers selling you items there. Saying “bonjour” when you enter a local café or a restaurant will help you get personalised treatments. Try to speak as much French as possible. You will get better treatment.

  • Plan for accommodation

Hotels near the airport are very expensive. There is no point in staying in hotels unless you need to stay just for one night. If you are on a budget or have already funded your trip with guaranteed loans without a guarantor from a direct lender, you should find more affordable accommodation. Rental apartments are better options if you want to save money. They are well furnished and decorated and worth staying.

  • Transportation

Once you alight from your flight, you can get to your hotel by taxi. If taxi fares do not fall within your budget, you should board the train to take you into the heart of the city, and from there, you can go by metro to your hotel.

However, when you have to explore the city and its exquisite attractions, the metro will be the most comfortable and safe way to travel. If you want to save more money, the bus is also a good option, but you should be habitual of bus travelling and crowds.

If you want to go somewhere quickly and avoid rush, taxis are a good transport. However, they can be expensive and may take a longer time than a metro train, depending on the route.

  • The food you should try in Paris

You can find a lot of restaurants selling international cuisines, but when you are in Paris, you should taste their traditional dishes. Cafes will be open throughout the day, even between meal times, but restaurants follow their timings for meals. You might be aware of some French dishes, but despite that, you will find some amazing and traditional dishes that you have never ever tried.

Steak tartare, cassoulet, macarons, and baguettes are some of the popular dishes that you must try. Several restaurants serve traditional dishes, but some of them have special dishes. Restaurants and cafes around hotels may not offer you that much variety because they also include international cuisines for tourists.

If you book your trip with the help of a travel agent, you will likely know the best places to eat local food. If not, you should do some research on the internet. There are so many options for vegetarians as well, but if you are a vegan, you are not that lucky.

  • Keep yourself safe

Paris is a safe country, but it is still important to look for ways to ensure your safety. As a tourist, you are more vulnerable to pickpockets. Financial frauds are also possible, so make sure that you stay away from them.

  • Beware of pickpockets. You should avoid busy areas and streets. Be careful when you are in a busy tourist area. Do not carry a lot of stuff in your bag when you are exploring cities. Valuable items should be locked in your hotel room.
  • Do not carry a large amount of cash with you. Use mobile phone or card to make payments.
  • Be vigilant of unusual behaviours of people. Do not entertain if people unexpected approach you and ask you to participate in a game. It can be a swindle.
  • Keep your baggage close to you. Hold your handbag tightly so nobody can snatch it away.

Though Paris is a safe city, you should still look after your personal belongings. In case your belongings have been stolen, you can file a complaint.

  • Avoid weekends and school holidays

Weekends might be included in your travel itinerary, but there are chances that you can avoid busy days. If you visit Paris in the summertime, it will be going to be very busy because of a lot of crowds and rush.

Paris is a calm city, and if you want to explore the resplendence of its exquisite arts and landmarks, you should prefer visiting there when schools are not off. It is always recommended to consult your travel agent so you know the best time to travel to Paris. October to March is the best time to visit Paris, but if you do not get time, then any time is better.

  • Prepare for checks everywhere

Airport checks are pretty common, and you must be familiar with them while travelling to other countries. But Paris is full of airport-style checks everywhere you go and they are very particular about their rules.  If you are travelling to Paris, you should be prepared for it so you do not end up going through any sort of hassle.

You can make a seamless experience if you do not carry a lot of baggage. Make sure that you carry as little as possible. Leave all sharp objects in your hotel room. In fact, nail clippers are not even allowed. Empty your pockets before being frisked through.

  • Avoid taking a rucksack

Backpacks are very convenient. You can put a lot of stuff in the without bearing any weight, but you should avoid it while sightseeing. That is because most of the landmarks and museums will not allow you to carry a rucksack with you.

If you still want to carry a backpack, make sure that it is too small so that you can hang it in front of you. A handbag will be the best alternative, but there are some places where you cannot carry anything.

The bottom line

If you are going to Paris, make sure that you choose the best time to visit there. Do not carry unnecessary stuff. Make sure you have done research about accommodations, restaurants and cafes. Stay some more time in Paris to explore beautiful sights. Paris is a beautiful and safe country, yet you should be wary of the safety of yourself and your belongings.

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