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If you’re employed in software quality assurance or software testing, you almost certainly rummage around for ways in which to stay up with trends and improve your testing practices. One of the popular techniques is to follow the blogs of business leaders. There is a variety of blogs out there, though, and it is often tough to seek out the most effective ones to target.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of top software testing blogs for 2022.

1. Testhead

Michael Larsen runs the journal Testhead. In 1992, he left his rock and roll career to figure as a software system tester at Cisco Systems. Whereas at Cisco, he worked with a spread of technologies together with a virtual machine software system and distributed information and net applications.

 He has co-authored a chapter within the book on the way to scale back the value of software system Testing and made a software system testing podcast for SoftwareTestPro.

 Now he writes regarding continuous testing, the utilization of computing within the testing world, and the way to use agile practices. Nearly every operating day, he publishes a brand new post within which he interviews a number of the simplest software system checkers to listen to their thoughts on a specific test topic.

 The journal began in 2010, and Larsen has revealed over one,300 journal posts with a minimum of 2 posts per month and a minimum of thirty-one posts annually since then. Posts provide data regarding software system delivery, software system development, software system testing, and online check conferences, among alternative topics.

2. Software Testing Lead

Software testing lead provides its readers a comprehensive overview regarding; Quality Assurance (QA) testing, security testing, testing tools, DevOps, agile testing, test management, and all the latest testing news. It is famous among all the software testing and quality assurance (QA) experts.

3. Software Testing News

One of the very outstanding blogs concerning software package testing is software Testing News, which supplies the most recent on quality assurance and testing normally. This weblog contains data concerning testers, AI development, software package testing conferences, QA options, and far a lot of to assist you to improve your QA strategy.

 Software Testing News additionally interviews a range of testing specialists concerning their experiences, career highs and lows, difficulties and achievements, current job, most up-to-date comes, recommendations to others, and therefore the trade figures they most like.

 Ronald Cummings-John co-founded this website that printed its 1st article in 2012. Weblog posts square measure updated daily (an average of 3 per week). 

4. TestGuild

Joe Colantonio started TestGuild in 2010 intending to serve to others discover insights, tools, methods, and best practices that may facilitate them to speed up their automation, security, performance, and DevOps testing efforts. TestGuild may be a diary, podcast, and online conference. it’s an inexpensive computer code engineering education platform dedicated to serving checkers and their organizations reach test automation.

 Automation testing, performance testing, security testing, and software testing are all lined in this blog. there’s no set schedule for brand new posts, however, a minimum of one is printed every 2 months.

 Key posts embody “What is Automation Testing: the final word Guide”, which explains the pitfalls of manual testing and also the edges of automation for each tester and developer, and “Top Free Automation Tools for Testing Desktop Applications (2021)”, that lists the highest fifteen free automation testing tools for desktop applications and explains the professionals and cons of every one of them.

 Content is usually updated as required. Once “Top Free Automation Tools for Testing Desktop Applications (2021)”) was printed in 2019, White Framework was among the tools this text listed. It was later deprecated, though, and also the post was updated in 2021 to mirror that modification. 

5. Google Testing Blog

This journal grew out of the 2006 inaugural Google test Automation Conference, which Drew roughly 150 participants. Many folks expressed associate interest in learning from folks that add testing at Google; therefore Google launched its journal in Jan 2007 to share its experiences with the remainder of the developer community and to exchange ideas regarding solutions to challenges.

 The information printed on this website is of the best quality, having been authored by a spread of veteran Google testing specialists. Content is signifying in every way throughout the year, with the 3 posts in 2021 being the fewest up to now. Over four hundred journal posts on topics like mutation checking and test flakiness are out there. 

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