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Quality assurance teams go through constant pressure as they have to ensure that the program is 100% bug-free. Testing is becoming a constantly challenging job as there is a time constraint, in which testers are required to do quality debt testing. Being good at testing is never enough, there is always the question that was it good enough to be deployed?

To ensure timely and detailed testing it is recommended to look out for the tools which can help you with managing the whole process and move towards automation. While working around the test process improvement, usually only symptoms are identified instead of the solutions and developers need to work around that area to figure out the main cause of the issue. 

Main issues which occur during the testing process are:

  • Testing takes a lot more time than planned.
  • The testing cost is increased.
  • Finding bugs outside the test environment.

Such challenges affect the credibility of the team and organizations, to smoothen up the process companies opt for test management systems and consider performing automated testing to save time and stay well ordered. 

To meet your deadlines timely and deliver quality services, consider doing the following steps.


Being a tester it is really important to understand your capabilities and try to perceive things that others are trying to convey. Being rigid or sticking to your own principles won’t do any good to you or the project you are working on. Self-examination comes into play when you do not try to justify your mistakes and realize that what others are communicating can be worthy of implementation. 

Go through the process of improvement and grow as an individual. Try to match your values and official processes and values and learn to be flexible. Learning is a constant process and there is no harm that you can be wrong at some point.

Understand the Purpose and Mission

Once you delve into the project, it is important to understand what you are expected to do out of the job and understand the requirements. Software testing never works without a process and if there is no process, then there is only chaos. 

Look out for the testing and align it according to the process being developed. Discuss with your team leads regarding the points where gaps need to be filled and make sure that design and requirements match completely during testing. In this way, proper and detailed testing can be performed and clients won’t come up with issues after the project is being delivered. 

Usage of Test Management System

Look out for test management systems that can work for your organization. At this point, handling everything manually through excel sheets won’t do any good to the team or your organization. Such tools help you to manage test plans, test cases, and optimize the testing strategies.

At this time, organizations need to work smartly so that they can achieve the set targets in limited time without compromising on the quality. All these startups are limited on manpower and resources, this addition is the best thing you can do to stabilize your quality assurance department. This tool helps to test the complete software development lifecycle and empower companies with flexibility. 

Move Towards Automation

It is crucial to opt for automated testing, we know that testing can’t be completely automated but certain repeated mundane tasks consume a lot of resources and time. Try to automate all those aspects which are feasible as per your testing plan. 

Consider automating the repetitive parts, it is not advised to perform automated testing on the entire program as it will increase the cost and some logical discrepancies can be ignored too which will affect the performance of the whole system being developed. 


With little details and the right tools, nothing can stop you from carrying out premium testing promptly. Sometimes it acts as a troublesome process because testers are still clung with the outdated process and rely on free tools to perform the task. The tools you use and the methodologies you follow are of great importance. Clients are becoming demanding with every passing day and the market is moving at quite a fast pace. One needs to plan ahead with a focused mind to carry out the testing duties. 

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