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Are you also looking for a program to convert EML emails to Outlook PST Format? If so, this blog’s information on doing so would be beneficial to you. There are a number of good reasons why switching from EML files to Outlook PST format could be necessary. The blog describes how to easily convert EML files to Outlook PST format.

Difference Between Outlook PST Emails and EML Emails

  1. EML: A variety of email programs can open EML files, which are comparatively simple to access. They are a common format that makes sharing certain emails simple. They are frequently used for email archiving, backup, and sharing. EML files are extremely portable and are simple to move between various email clients or systems.
  2. PST: Because PST files were created specifically for Microsoft Outlook, they can only be viewed and utilized by that software. Although PST files can be imported into Outlook, they are less flexible in terms of cross-client compatibility. They’re employed to produce local archives or backups of Outlook data. It might be more difficult to move or view PST files on various email clients or operating systems. PST files are appropriate for complete email and data management since they are made to organize and manage a full mailbox, including several folders.

While PST files are used to store a whole mailbox with different data kinds and are unique to Microsoft Outlook, EML files are used to store individual email messages in a standard and accessible format. Your individual requirements and how you wish to handle your email data will determine whether you choose PST or EML.


The Mailvita EML to PST Converter stands out as an in-dependable option for converting EML files into Outlook PST. This tool, which is jam-packed with capabilities, makes it easier to convert EML data to PST format for easy transfer to Outlook.

Why Do We Move From EML to Outlook PST Files?

While these are some of the main reasons, there could be other variables, such as workplace needs, preferences, and the need for advanced email management, that influence the transition. When considering whether to migrate from EML to PST, it’s critical to consider your individual demands and circumstances.

  • PST files can be easily encrypted and backed up for data security. In order to protect your data and make it recoverable in the event of hardware failure or data loss, Outlook includes tools for regularly generating mailbox backups.
  • PST files provide you the ability to organize and manage your email data more effectively. You can arrange your mailbox by creating folders, categorizing emails, and more.
  • Advanced Features: Not all email clients that support EML have access to Outlook’s advanced features and functions. You can use features like calendar management, task tracking, notes, and more by switching to PST.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook: Email data is often stored in PST (Personal Storage Table) files, which are compatible with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Complete compatibility is guaranteed when you transition from Outlook to PST.

At a Glance: Key Features of Mailvita EML to Outlook PST Converter Tool for Mac

  • Easy Addition of Multiple EML Files and Directories: Supporting both batch and individual conversions, the tool makes it easy to add multiple EML files and directories.
  • Using the bulk export tool, you can send all of your data at once and save a lot of time.
  • No File Size Limit: This tool works with PST files of any size, allowing for a seamless conversion procedure whether you’re working with small or large PST files.
  • Object Preview for Detailed Review: Before starting the export, look through each selected email and any attachments in detail using the item preview window.
  • Item Filtering Option: Use the item filtering option to customize your conversion to fit your unique requirements. Apply filters based on sender, recipient, subject, date, and more to quickly find and export important emails.
  • Wide Range of Compatibility: The software operates without a hitch on Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, and XP.
  • Compatible with all Mac versions such as; 13 “Ventura”, 12 “Monterey”, 11 “Big Sur”, 10.15 “Catalina”, 10.14 “Mojave”, 10.13 “High Sierra”, 10.12 “Sierra”.

EML to PST Conversion Guide in Steps:

  • Launch the Mailvita EML to PST Converter Software for Mac & Windows and import your EML files and folders into the user-friendly interface to start the process of adding EML files and directories.
  • Pick an export format: Select “Export in PST” as your selected export type in the ensuing dialog box.
  • Select the PST Location to Be Used: Indicate where you want your PST file to go.
  • Apply filters to pick particular objects based on criteria, if necessary.
  • Start Export: To start the converting process, click the “Export” button.

The Findings

The Mailvita EML to PST Converter for Mac demonstrates to be a well-designed tool for EML to PST conversion. Try this program if you’ve already tried the manual method without success. It guarantees an easy transition to Outlook and makes it possible for you to quickly convert your EML files to PST format. The Mailvita EML to PST Converter demonstrates to be a well-designed tool for EML to PST conversion. Try this program if you’ve already tried the manual method without success. It guarantees an easy transition to Outlook and makes it possible for you to quickly convert your EML files to PST format.

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