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Electrical consumption all over the world is rising steadily with the passage of time. The UK is no exception to this trend. With rising energy needs it is obvious that almost every household across the country requires an emergency electrician every now and then to settle electrical problems. Electricians are basically a category of professionals that ensures our safety. These professionals have to study hard throughout their apprenticeship programme so that they can perform on their jobs correct and flawlessly. You must always have the contact details of the local electrician in your phone. You never know when you may have to dial the professional for urgent help.

A residential or domestic electrician is a professional who caters to the electrical needs in our homes. A residential electrician is an ideal choice to help you with electrical maintenance across your property. The professional can also help you tackle any electrical emergency. Choosing a reliable and reputable electrician is not rocket science. But it is important to stay focused on certain aspects. And then recognising a skilled and knowledgeable electrician becomes easier.

In the following section of the blog post let us explain few situations when you need to call an electrician on urgent basis.

  • Repeated blowing of fuse

It is absolutely normal for a fuse to blow from time to time. But if that happens too often then there is a problem somewhere in the electrical system. And it is crucial to find out and resolve that issue without any delay. Repeated blowing of a fuse in quick successions usually occurs when the electrical circuit draws more power or electricity than the fuse can handle. You can obviously replace a fuse yourself; the task does not require high-level skill. But it is best to have a licensed electrician inspect the electrical system to identify any hidden problem.

  • Switches are warm when touched

Electrical switches and appliances do not need to be warm or hot when pressed into service. But if a switch or any electrical appliance in your home becomes hot (or even warm) when turned on in absence of any apparent reason then that indicates cropping up of an electrical issue. In that case you must call a qualified electrician from the local electrician services company without delay. If problems like this are ignored and overlooked, the damage becomes more and more severe with time. It puts you as well as your family members under massive risk. It is best to have these problems resolved immediately without delay.

  • You have flickering lights

Lights are not supposed to flicker. If they do then that is not normal. Flickering may happen random or when you turn on any electrical equipment that consumes a lot of power. Most common examples of such equipments found at homes are vacuum cleaner and refrigerator. When you turn on any heavy-duty equipment it draws a lot of power from the electrical circuit. This puts a lot of demand for power on that electrical circuit on which the heavy duty equipment is powered on. for a brief span of time the light bulb gets less electricity than it is supposed to have. This is the reason why the flickering occurs. You need installing additional power outlets so that you can run heavy-duty appliances on separate circuits explains an emergency electrician near me in London. So you need hiring an electrician to settle this issue without any delay.

  • With overloaded power outlets

When a power point dispenses electricity to an excess number of electrical appliances at once, this itself is an indication that you must have newer power outlets installed without any delay. It is important to tell you that overloaded power outlets actually cause massive stress on your electrical system. If the issue is not addressed immediately and is allowed to persist it can lead you to major electrical problems in course of time that require costly repairs.

  • Excessive relying on extension cords

Using extension cords is good provided you have a limited use of these items. But if your reliance on extension cords becomes a compulsion then that means you have a very limited number of electrical power outlets in your home. Only a registered electrician is your best bet in this situation to install new power outlets for you. You can select the spots to install the new outlets and help the electrician to make your life easier.

  • Light bulbs are easily prone to damage when there is a problem

Light bulbs are quite similar to fuses. Both these electrical components get easily damaged or burn out if there is any problem in the electrical system. If your light bulbs fuse frequently for no apparent reason then at some point of time you should stop replacing damaged light bulbs and call a skilled and qualified electrician to take a thorough look at your electrical system.

  • Inflated electricity utility bills 

Your electric bills are absurdly high although you have not brought home any new appliance lately. If you face this situation then you should better be cautious. Chances are high that some issue or the other has cropped up with your electric system. Get a competent electrician to look into the matter immediately. 

  • Mild shocks from switches

Whenever you touch an electrical appliance you feel a mild shock. If this is what you are experiencing then you must get an efficient electrician to probe into the matter. This situation is too dangerous to put the solution on hold. Experienced electricians working at Electric Works London point out this may occur because of the residual current. The residual current somehow gets stored in the appliance to give you a mild shock. Whenever you are touching the appliance little electricity gets passed into your body.  

  • Power outlets in your home deny 3 prong plugs

This is a common issue in old buildings and properties. A 3 prong plug is basically a grounded unit. It is meant to provide additional safety in case there is an electric shock. In old buildings usually they have power outlets that only accept 2 prong plugs. In that case you have no other option but to hire an experienced electrician to replace all the existing power outlets with modern and safer ones. 

According to an emergency electrician in London these are some of the typical situations when householders have no better alternative but to hire an electrician. 

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