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What distinguishes a wordpress web design developed by the best web design company in India from the others? The choice of the wordpress web design theme. WordPress already offers a flexible and user-friendly interface. Choosing the right theme will help enhance your website’s overall look and feel. Hence, the theme must resonate with your brand and business goals.

Why should a website development company choose the right wordpress web design?

A theme, the face of an online website, significantly impacts the impression of a web visitor. So, ensuring your theme is aesthetically and functionally brilliant is imperative. 

But slow-loading themes severely cripple user experience. With Google defining speed as a pivotal ranking factor, this will result in enhanced bounce rates. Hence, themes that are not lightweight and fast will cause a loss of search result visibility and ranking. Ultimately, your customer engagement will reduce, as will your conversions. 

WordPress themes offer extensive customization options. To maximize the utility of this feature, top web designing companies in India must code themes properly. They must be compatible with wordpress plugins and allow seamless integration. Proper coding of themes will also allow you to change wordpress web design themes.

To eliminate the above challenges, select a wordpress web design theme that is aesthetically brilliant, fast, and allows extensive customizations.

5 techniques a website development company uses to select the right theme

There are two wordpress versions that web designing companies use. One is the limited-hosted platform, and the other is the self-hosted platform. Before you zero in on a theme, your web design & development company must choose the right version. A symbiotic relationship between the wordpress version and the wordpress web design theme will enhance the overall utility of your website. 

Having reiterated the importance of choosing the right wordpress version, let us explore ways to select the wordpress web design theme.

Identify your goals

Different businesses have different goals. Clarifying your business goals will help the best website development company in Kolkata narrow the choices. Some factors that require clarity include:

Type of website content

Your theme decision-making will depend on the content you want to post on your website. For example, theme selection will differ for a food website, an eCommerce website, a blog website, etc. Hence, understand the content you want to post, research different competitor websites, and then select your wordpress web design theme.

Brand aesthetics

A web design company in India can easily customize a selected theme to reflect your brand colors. But you must precisely understand your brand aesthetics and feel before choosing a theme that best resonates with it. For example, if your brand is elegant and simple, choose a theme that offers simple typography and colors. It must also have white spaces that are appropriately used. But if you want your website to look bold and make a statement, select a theme with distinctive details.

Website purpose

The functionalities you want to integrate into your website will also influence your choice. A theme incompatible with the plugins you want to integrate to enhance website utility will defeat the purpose. Hence, before finalizing the plugins to integrate, define the purpose of the website and research the functionalities you require. Finally, select a wordpress web design theme that aligns with your requirements. 

Website Budget

Annual fees accompany all premium wordpress web design themes. Hence, they will increase your website development cost. However, top web designing companies in India prefer using free website themes for wordpress web design. This can bring down your cost considerably. You can start by leveraging the best free wordpress website themes and then scale up as your online business grows.

Mobile responsiveness

The larger part of web traffic is mobile-driven. A responsive wordpress web design adjusts seamlessly across devices, platforms, and operating systems. With wordpress website themes designed for responsiveness, your website development company might be spoilt for choice. But ensure you preview and test your selected theme for mobe responsiveness before you finalize the same. 

Customization options

WordPress is well known for the customization options it offers. Capitalize on them by testing the level of customization your chosen theme offers. For example, some wordpress web design themes might allow your website development company to change only the color and typography. Still, others might allow greater customization options by giving you access control over layouts and widgets. 

Generally, the best web design company in India will prefer classic themes if you want to implement minimal customizations. But implement block themes if you require higher customizations like editing the header and footer, etc. 

Theme quality

A high-quality theme will make your wordpress website fast and lightweight. You will also experience minimal issues with such a wordpress web design theme. To determine high-quality themes, leverage its customer reviews and feedback. Thoroughly scan customer ratings and analyze real-time comments to understand the themes’ performance.

Checking out the themes’ last updation date is another crucial factor the best web design company in India will prioritize. Outdated themes will conflict with the plugins you want to integrate. Such themes will also clash with the wordpress core software. 

Lastly, consider the support offered. Generally, premium themes come with 24×7 dedicated help desk support. But to know about the support provided for the best free wordpress website themes, check out its support forum. 

Plugin compatibility

Remember to balance your wordpress web design aesthetics with its functionalities. While the themes determine the look of your websites, plugins enhance its utility. So, select a theme compatible with the plugins you want to integrate. 

Translation ready

WordPress offers several multi-lingual themes. So, select a translation-ready theme if you want a website that caters to audiences across the globe. This will customize your wordpress web design and align it with the language requirements of the place that it serves. 


Choosing a wordpress theme may be challenging for a new website owner. Too many options might make it all very confusing. But if you opt for the services of the best web design company in India, you will gain access to experience and expertise. Such a website development company will analyze the themes based on the factors mentioned above. Finally, they will implement a wordpress web design theme that best suits your business requirements and goals. The result will be a tangible enhancement in your website deliverables.

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