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Quantitative aptitude is counted as the most difficult section of the government exams. Well, let us tell you that it is a section that consumes the vast energy and time of the candidates appearing for the government exams. There is a heap of ways that you can utilize to prepare for this section very easily. In this article, we have particularly focused on the tips that can assist you in preparing for the quants section. Well, calling the quant section, the most scoring section is not appropriate. But if someones utilize the right approach then achieving 100% marks in this section is not impossible. You just need to solve the given questions accurately and quickly.

Note that there could be a sectional cut-off or overall cut-off to select the candidate for the next round. Therefore, you need to adhere to a strategy that makes you prepare well for every section of the government exams. For performing well in every section of the bank exams, you can seek the guidance of a credible source that is popular for delivering top-notch bank coaching in Chandigarh.

The points written below will assist you in preparing well for the quant section of the government exams.

  • Master the shortcut tricks

To ace the quant section, you need to practice a lot of questions relevant to the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Plus, you have to solve all of them in a limited time ( around 1 minute) during the exam. Managing both factors together is not an easy task. Therefore, it is advisable to discover some short tricks and tips to solve the questions quickly. Basically, the short tricks assist you in solving the quant questions correctly and quickly. Do you know how? Well, you need to do very lengthy calculations to solve even a single question. Doing lengthy calculations will consume your time and energy. But shortcut tricks can be used instead of these lengthy calculations. Therefore, learn the shortcut tricks available on the internet to ace the quant section.

  • Memorize the tables, squares, etc.

Without a doubt, memorizing tables will help you solve the quant questions quickly. It is mandatory to learn the tables to solve the questions. Thus,  before you start studying for the section, make sincere efforts to memorize the tables at least till 35. Additionally, try to memorize squares and cubes to solve the questions quickly. Please note that doing these calculations on the spot will not make you attempt the entire section even if you are solving questions correctly. You have to make sincere efforts to cross the sectional cut-off.  Getting a stronghold over the tables, squares, and cubes will help assist you in solving every question in the section. 

  • Stick to the syllabus

Sticking to the syllabus will get you high marks in the quants section. Thus, you are advised to cover each and every topic of the syllabus of the quant section uploaded by the Commission on its official website.  This is how you become able to attempt the maximum questions of this section. Additionally, you should solve the quant questions regularly while preparing for this section. Because this will help you get a stronghold over solving the questions quickly and correctly. If you don’t practice the questions regularly then you will skip the methods and tricks from your mind within three months. 

  • Learn the basics

Understanding the basics is going to work for you in acing the quantitative aptitude section. You require in-depth knowledge of every topic of the syllabus. And focusing on getting clarity on the basics will you a lot in that. There will be the trickiest quants questions in the exams to check your in-depth knowledge of the concepts. There are so many sources available on the internet or around you to assist you in acing the quant section. Take the help of a credible source or watch the youtube trial videos of coaching institutes to gain the knowledge of the quant section. Many candidates often find it difficult to solve the entire quant section of the SSC exams. If you are among them then seeking help from a credible source that is famous for offering the best SSC coaching in Chandigarh will be a good idea. 


Well, if you think that without adequate effort and practice you can solve the entire section of the quant section with formulas. Then, you are not right here. Practice and consistency are the keys to acing the quant section of the government exams.  Accept the challenges to solve the tough and tricky questions and meet the deadlines to solve them. Furthermore, improve your speed of solving the quant questions.

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