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Estate Planning is the process of making sure that your loved ones inherit your assets with as little time and expense as possible. When preparing an estate plan for our clients, we are aware that we are doing more than putting together legal documents – we are also offering peace of mind.

Estate Planning is generally made up of these tools to help clients accomplish their goals:

Last Will and Testament – which lets you appoint guardians for your minor children, distribute your assets as you see fit instead of allowing the state to distribute them according to its laws, and appoint an individual or entity to administer your estate instead of letting NY state decide the order of who can act.
Living Trust – which allows you to transfer your assets while avoiding probate which saves your family time and money by not having to go through a court process to transfer your assets when you pass.
Power of Attorney – which allows you to appoint an agent, typically your spouse and/or child, to handle your finances if you are unable to during your life.
Health Care Proxy – which allows you to designate to make health decisions on your behalf in the event that you are not able to on your own

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