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Eiliana is an emerging freelance marketplace for skilled individual experts and businesses who want to rise exponentially in a dynamic gig economy environment while working on the new age IT projects. If you’re an expert in your respective discipline and willing to explore the world of opportunities offered by global clients, Eiliana is the place for you to be! The key benefits that Eiliana provides are:

Our Project Referral Program enables you to refer clients’ projects to Eiliana and earn commission as per your choice.
Freelancers can choose to stay anonymous on our platform.
Both freelancers and businesses can choose a pricing model based on their unique needs.
Well-documented scope for smooth project delivery experience.
Wide range of categories serving different industries.

Freelancing is the future and Eiliana’s goal is to empower and facilitate the freelancing economy. Eiliana offers several unique features and functionalities on the platform which allows both freelancers and businesses to make a meaningful partnership in an affordable, flexible and secure environment. Join Now!

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