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Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are essential email management tools in today’s digital landscape. Transitioning from Outlook to Thunderbird presents unique challenges, but it also offers robust features and open-source flexibility, allowing users to move away from proprietary constraints.

Method 1: Use Google Takeout to import a PST file into Thunderbird.

With Google Takeout, you can import PST files to Thunderbird in a novel and efficient way by using a Gmail account as a middleman. Because it involves many steps, this approach can appear more complicated, but it works quite well to move your Outlook emails to Thunderbird at no cost. Let’s dissect the procedure:

Step 1: In Gmail, enable the IMAP protocol.

  • Enter your Gmail login.
  • Click the gear icon to get to Settings, then choose See all settings.
  • Navigate to the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tabs.
  • Selecting Activate IMAP after clicking on IMAP Access.
  • Click “Save Changes” to save your modifications.

Step 2: Create an App Password For Thunderbird and Outlook.

  • Go to https://myaccount.google.com/, choose Security from the sidebar, and if it’s not enabled already, turn on 2-Step Verification.
  • Return to the security area and use the search box to enter app passwords. Next, pick the App Passwords menu item.
  • Click Create after entering “Outlook and Thunderbird” as the app name on the App Passwords screen.
  • Click Done after copying the created app password to a safe place.

Step 3: Set Up Outlook to Use Gmail

  • Select File > Account Settings > Account Settings after launching Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click New under Email.
  • Tap Next after entering your name, Gmail address, and app password. You can also retype the app password you created before.
  • Select Finish after the verification is finished.

Step 4: Email Migration from Outlook to Gmail

  • Select the Gmail mailbox, right-click, and create a new folder.
  • Provide a folder and name.
  • Select emails to import to Thunderbird.
  • Drag selected emails to the new folder.
  • Refresh Gmail to see emails in the new folder.

Step 5: Exporting Gmail Emails with Google Takeout

  • Log into Gmail and open Google Takeout.
  • Select Gmail for export from the Export a New Export option.
  • Choose Export once as the frequency.
  • Choose the zip file type and file size split option.
  • Click on Create Export.
  • When the data is available for download, you will receive an email notification.

Step 6: Importing MBOX to Thunderbird

  • Unzip the downloaded folder.
  • Open Thunderbird and navigate to Add-ons.
  • Add ImportExportTools NG to Thunderbird.
  • Restart Thunderbird.
  • Choose New a folder through the right-click on Personal Files.
  • Name the folder and click Create Folder.
  • Select ImportExportTools NG > Import MBOX file.
  • Select the MBOX file from the unzipped folder and click Open.
  • Emails should now be accessible within Thunderbird.

This somewhat complicated solution uses Gmail as a middleman to seamlessly connect Thunderbird and Outlook. It’s a powerful way to import PST to Thunderbird without direct compatibility, ensuring your emails transition smoothly from one client to another.

Method 2: Use the PST to Thunderbird Converter to convert PST files to Thunderbird.

Using a PST to Thunderbird converter application is a great option for anyone looking for a simple & effective way to convert PST to Thunderbird without having to deal with laborious operations. Softaken Outlook to Thunderbird is one of the tools that makes it easier to convert PST files into Thunderbird-compatible formats like MBOX and EML. This adaptability allows you to easily retrieve your data in Thunderbird and expands Thunderbird’s interoperability with other email clients, such as Eudora and Apple Mail. Using a PST to Thunderbird converter is as follows:

  • Install the Softaken Outlook to Thunderbird utility after downloading it.
pst converter home window

  • Launch the tool after it has been installed.
  • To browse and choose the PST file you want to convert, click the Add file option. Press the OK button to make your selection official.
pst source file selection

  • The program will show the contents of the PST file in preview mode within the software window once it has been loaded. With the help of this function, you can go through the emails and choose out certain ones to study in more detail, making sure you are converting the exact content you want.
pst conversion window

  • To convert the PST file, choose the Export option and choose the folders you want to convert.
  • Choose MBOX from the list of exportable formats, then enter the destination location where you want the MBOX files to be saved after they have been converted.
  • To start the conversion, click the Export option. The size of the PST file and the amount of data being converted will determine how long this procedure takes.
pst conversion options

  • A notice will show up as soon as the conversion is successfully finished. Select the Finish button to bring the process to a close.

Users of all skill levels can effortlessly move from Outlook to Thunderbird with a PST to Thunderbird converter program such as Outlook to Thunderbird. This technique makes sure that your email data converts effectively, which facilitates importation into Thunderbird or any other email client that’s compatible with MBOX. Such a solution improves your Thunderbird email journey overall by giving you an easy way to save and access emails.

Other Beneficial Features

  • PST file preview and support
  • Previews all PST file data.
  • Supports large-size PST files.
  • Maintains the original folder structure.
  • Migrates PST to Office 365 and the Live Exchange server.
  • Free PST-to-Thunderbird conversion.
  • Supports all MS Outlook versions.
  • Compatibility with all Windows OS editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes importing PST into Thunderbird necessary?
Thunderbird, a popular email client, offers a cost-effective alternative to subscription-based Outlook by importing PST files, ensuring cross-platform compatibility, enhanced flexibility, secure data transfer, and simplified email management.

Does Thunderbird support PST imports without Outlook?
Thunderbird can import PST files without requiring an Outlook installation. Tools like PST to Thunderbird Converter convert PST files into Thunderbird’s MBOX format, allowing users to open the MBOX file in Mozilla Thunderbird. This software operates independently, eliminating the need for Outlook installation.

Is it safe to use a PST-to-Thunderbird converter?
Thunderbird is a widely used email software that supports PST files, which makes format conversion simple. It is advised, still to make a backup of your PST data before to beginning the conversion procedure.

Can a PST file be converted only some of the way rather than the entire thing?
With data filters like To, Cc, Bcc, and Date Range, users of the PST to Thunderbird Converter can convert particular emails within a PST file, providing a customized procedure for turning specific data sections.

Is there a sample version of the PST to Thunderbird Converter available?
Softaken provides a free demo version of their tool, allowing users to preview emails and convert PST to Thunderbird without Outlook. The demo version exports the first 20 items per folder, providing a preview before purchasing.

The Last Remark

The transition from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird is a significant step towards improved email management and productivity. This guide seeks to make the process of exporting PST files into Thunderbird easier by providing tools and information that will enable a seamless and effective transfer. Thunderbird’s open-source architecture, compatibility between platforms, and many adjustments make it an impressive option to Outlook’s proprietary limits. Users receive access to a feature-rich email client that can adapt to their specific requirements, safeguard their information, and simplify complex email correspondence. To accommodate varying needs and levels of technical proficiency, a range of tools and methods can be found, such as PST to Thunderbird converters.

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