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Mobile technology is growing at a miraculous rate. Thousands of mobile apps are introduced every day. In fact, it is projected that the global revenue for mobile app stores will reach up to 935 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

This proves that people are obsessed with smartphones. This has enticed companies to bring innovation by creating interesting apps. Companies also consider it important to enhance customer relationships via these apps.

Quality Assurance departments are making sure that they test all the apps properly before they are launched in the market. In the fast pace of the software industry that is continuously growing and changing lots of distinctive issues and problems are bolstered up.

The main aim of any app testing is to understand the performance and quality of features offered. Nevertheless, here is a list of some challenges faced by mobile app developers during the testing.

1.  Security

The news of site hacking and data leaks is trending these days. The companies are leaving no stone unturned to guarantee app security. According to various stats, more than 50% of the apps do not take enough while enlightening the secured data about the users or apps. Many apps do not even have appropriate encryption techniques. So, a deep understanding of security testing plays an imperative role for mobile app testers.

2.  Performance

Mobile apps must justify variable and limited network bandwidth. In fact, a mutual mobile network can have a noteworthy effect on the application performance. The mobile apps consumers are very annoyed by slow performance.

The performance testing of a mobile app is a very critical job and it encompasses testing of various features like a number of round trips, caching, offline data usage, internet data consumption, and memory leakage by the app, cache size availability, memory utilization, and CPU utilization, etc.

3.  Usability and User Experience

Mobile apps must always be backed up by stellar user experience. The App testing must make sure that the apps under consideration are error-proof and user-friendly. It’s important for the most evident feature to be prominent enough on the screen; also it should make the user feel valued in terms of time utilization. There needs to be consistency in the user experience irrespective of the kind of smartphone and the nature of the platform.

QA engineers need to focus on developing and designing different test cases for testing mobile apps, as it is greatly different from the user experience required for desktop usage. Well, the main thing that the testers should keep in mind is- the user should not take more than 3 seconds to perform the desired task.

4.  Operating Systems

In this emerging world of technology, the users are getting smarter every day, along with the increased usage of smartphones. For users, smartphones have become the ultimate hub from where they can perform almost every task. The tasks might include e purchasing, maintaining one’s business, keeping InTouch with the social network, and anything much you can think of. With the positive change in the phone demands and the pattern of usage, a huge expectation has been imposed on making the mobile operating system even better. The market is stuffed with abundant mobile systems having a lot of different versions.

However, the complexity of platforms that are present for support has also risen to a great extent. You think that you have made your app compatible with the latest software, but as soon as you do that the new software also steps inside the market. So it’s important for app developers and businesses to make their apps compatible with all prominent operating systems. Well, the problem is never a simple one to tackle when there is a need to test all the operating systems along with their different versions.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that there are numerous challenges that the mobile app tester encounters during the quality assurance process. However, these issues must be identified and overcome at the right time in order to attain a positive brand image.

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