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Smart home devices have made inroads into our daily lives and we are using a lot of smart home devices such as home assistants, smart doorbells, security cameras, smart robot vacuum cleaners, smart switches and many more these days. You should also add few smart home devices into your gadgets list this year if you don’t own any.

When it comes to choose your first smart home device from the tons of options available, the choosing task seems to be quite unachievable as the available options can make someone overwhelmed and crazy. Going through this post will undoubtedly help you pick the best and worthy smart home devices.

Let’s start going through the list without babbling more.

1.Amazon Echo-Dot

Whenever there is a discussion of smart home devices, there’s always a recommendation of smart home assistants and that’s why I have featured Amazon Echo Dot in this list of top 10 cheap smart home devices for 2021. This smart home assistance is a compact device capable in doing multiple tech things over voice commands.

You can play songs, set alarms, create shopping lists, order stuff from online stores, make schedules and a lot of other things completely wirelessly without even touching it. The best thing about these smart home assistances is that they comes with great compatibility and can be connected with other smart home devices.


  • Speaker – 1.6 inch
  • Ports – 3.5mm
  • Smart Assistance – Alexa
  • Wireless –2.5GHz& Bluetooth

2.Philips Smart Bulb

The smartest bulb on this planet, the Philips Lifx Mini can make your home lighting more innovative and techniquely advance. It comes with an array of features to excite and amaze it’s users. It can produce flickering light resembling a candle, can emit spooky lights, can change color according to the music beats.


  • Compatibility – Siri, Alexa
  • Lifetime –200,000 hours
  • Bulb Type -A19
  • Brightness –650 to 800 lumens
  • Consumption –9 to 11 Watts

3.Wemo Smart Plug

Is it possible to treat a normal device as a smart one without making any changes to its hardware or software??

Yes, that can be possible by connecting it with a smart plug. You can easily operate (switch off/on) your devices such as TV, AC, cooler, refrigerator, fans and others by connecting it with the Wemo smart plug. These plugs can be synced with smartphones and operated from even a great distance over wireless network including WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.


  • Compatibility – Google assistant, Alexa
  • Controls – Physical buttons
  • Watt –1800 Watt

4.Innovative Scale

Normal scales are boring and it’s time to upgrade. Bring the innovative Wyze scale to your house and calculate more than just your body weight in no time. With the Wyze smart scale you can easily a whopping 12 health metrics such as body weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, lean body-mass, water percentage, visceral fat etc. It wouldn’t cost you much as it is priced just around $20 which makes it mostly affordable for every health freak.


  • Connectivity – Bluetooth
  • Maximum user – 8
  • Compatibility – Android & iOS
  • Maximum weight – 400 pounds
  • Battery –4AAA

5.Ring Doorbell

The era of ordinary electric doorbells have gone and you must switch your old doorbell with the latest and smartest one. The Ring smart doorbell is here for you and you would love to install it at your main door. This smart doorbell will ensure more convenience and safety.

This ring doorbell makes it possible for the user to answer from a great distance even from outdoors. It can be easily connected to other smart home devices and that would be a great thing. This smart doorbell sends notifications to your smartphone when it detects any kind of motion or anybody visits and presses the doorbell so that you can answer them from your smartphone.


  • Resolution – 1080p
  • FOV – 90 degree vertical and 160 degree horizontal
  • Power –No batteries, wired

6.Smart Thermostat

Control your room temperature using a smart thermostatcapable in doing a lot of tech things. These days thermostats are made with innovative technology and are made to analyze your habits and change the temperature accordingly. The best thing about the smart thermostats is that they come with an inbuilt app and can be controlled from your mobile devices even from a great distance.


  • Sensors – multiple temperature sensors
  • Voltage – 24
  • Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless interconnect
  • Zonal control –No

7.Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Now cleaning your carpet and floors can be a fun job to do using robot vacuum cleaners. If you don’t know much about these smart vacuum cleaners then let me describe them in less words. “A robot or smart vacuum cleaner is basically a compact vacuum cleaner which is designed to function by itself and requires less human interference”.

The iRobot Roomba smart vacuum cleaner featured here can start moping and sucking debris from your floor and carpet over voice commands. You can even schedule this device and it can clean your floor according to the set scheduled automatically.


  • Weight – 8.6lb
  • Floor – Yes
  • Carpet – Yes
  • Power –Self charging

8.Anova PrecisionCooker (Sous Vide)

Create restaurant level meals at home using this smart sous vide. Put this sous vide inside the pot, set the desired temperature and time and prepare your favoritemeals including meat, carrots, soufflé and other eatables easily.This sous vide takes your cooking skills to perfection and you don’t have to worry about its over or under cooking.


  • Connectivity – Bluetooth
  • Power –  800W
  • Precise temperature
  • Inbuilt Anova app

9.Smart Remote Control

There will be definitely multiple devices in your home and each device would have its own remote. Keeping all the remotes at one place for operating their parent devices could be little messy and it may offend you too. How about controlling all of those devices from one master remote??

That would be undoubtedly a great move. The Logitech smart remote listed here can control most of your home devices and you don’t have to search for different remotes anymore. It comes with more smart features including the one button triggering feature to activate your TV and bulbs in just one touch.


  • Screen –2.4 inches
  • Weight – 6 Oz
  • Compatibility – Alexa
  • Voice command

10.Smart Watch

No device can be smarter than a smart watch but it isn’t a fully home device as it’s a wearable. The best thing about a smart watch is that it can be easily connected with your remaining smart home devices such as home assistance etc. There are also smart home watches available which carries a great range of features and you can easily find and buy them on any online stores.

Bottom Line:

The variety and number of smart home devices have increased a lot these days and the buyers may easily get overwhelmed with the huge availability of options when looking to buy one or few for their home. If you want to invest on quality smart home devices this year then you must do a small research about the products and shop according your need and budget.

I have done the hard work of researching for you by featuring these top smart home devices to buy in 2021 and no doubt you will find it worthy to read and get inspirations. These smart home devices would make it easier to do a lot of tasks in a more smarter way. No matter if you want to clean your floor, cook your meals or even play music, you can do all the things hands-free by using a couple of smart home devices mentioned here.

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