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If you have reached this blog, then you have come to the right page. It will help you in performing the migration from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365. Here, we will learn the solutions to perform the Gmail to Office 365 migration task. So, read this article until it finishes to learn about the entire procedure of migration.

Reasons why organizations are moving to Office 365

  • Office 365 provides various facilities that make simplify the email management task.
  • It provides better pricing for individual users or large organizations.
  • Most users are familiar with the products of Office 365 like MS Word, Excel, Skype, etc.

Solutions to migrate Gmail data into the Microsoft Office 365

To complete the Gmail to Office 365 migration, users can use the manual or professional third-party tool. In this article, we will learn both methods and their step-by-step procedure to ease this migration for users. Before going through the manual method, we suggest users keep a backup of their crucial data.

Native method to migrate from Google G Suite to Microsoft 365

Step1: Verify Domain

  • Verify your domain to set up Microsoft 365 in your system.
  • You need to verify your domain with your current DNS host provider.

Step2: Add users in Office 365

  • Here, you must include Gmail users to Office 365. For this, you can select the users one by one or multiple users at a time.
  • Check all users have the license before moving them to Office 365.

Step3: Create a list of all Gmail user’s mailboxes

  • Navigate to the Google Workspace Admin Console and sign in.
  • Choose users and write down their email addresses.
  • Now go to Microsoft Admin Center > Users, and then Active users. Cross-check the username column.
  • Afterwards, run Microsoft Excel.
  • In this step, you need to create the migration file in MS Excel. Now, enter the Email Address in A1, the User name in B1, and the Password in C1.
  • Mention user names and email addresses as we described earlier.
  • At last, store this file as a CSV file type and close the Excel.

Step4: Build the connection between MS Office 365 and Gmail

  • Open the Microsoft Exchange Admin Center.
  • Go to Recipients > Migration > More, and then click Migration Endpoints.
  • Tap the new (+) and create a new migration endpoint.
  • Choose IMAP from the Select the migration endpoint type page.
  • Change the IMAP server to imap.gmail.com and also set it as the default settings. Then, hit Next.
  • Enter the other details and name of the Migration endpoint. Then tap the Next button.

Step5: Create a migration batch to move Google Workspace mailboxes to Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

  • First, move to Office 365 Admin Center > Admin Centers tab, and choose Exchange.
  • Now go to Recipients and then choose Migration.
  • After that, press New (+) and choose Migrate to Exchange Online option.
  • Select IMAP migration and press on the Next button.
  • Browse the location of the migration file that we created earlier.
  • As Microsoft 365 validates the selected file, then it will show the number of users listed in the file on your display. Thereafter, hit the Next button.
  • Select the migration endpoint that you have created before and tap Next.
  • Then, accept the default values and press the Next button.
  • Enter a name for the migration batch. Click on the Next.
  • Tap the Browse to send a copy of the entire process to other users.
  • Select the Automatically start the batch option and then click on New. The Gmail to Office 365 migration will begin instantly.

Step6: Update the record of DNS to migrate Gmail to Office 365 environment

  • Open Microsoft 365 login page and login in with your account.
  • Go to Setup and then press Domains.
  • Select your domain and then click the Fix issues.
  • Tap the What do I fix? And then, follow the instructions to update the DNS records for Office 365.
  • Now, it will show a message Contoso.com is set up correctly.

Step7: Stop synchronization with Google Workspace

  • Ensure that the entire data is being moved to Microsoft 365.
  • After that, delete the migration batch and stop synchronization. Before deletion, keep running the migration batch for at least 72 hours.

With this method, your task may become lengthy and time-consuming. Also, users only can proceed maximum of 50,000 mailboxes, and the maximum file size should be 10 MB. Technical knowledge is required to process the Gmail to Office 365 migration using this native method. To overcome from the manual method difficulties, users can choose the Shoviv professional third-party tool to perform this migration task.

Third-party tool to migrate Gmail mailboxes into Microsoft Office 365

Shoviv has introduced an automated method to migrate Gmail to Office 365 cloud-based service. Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool provides advanced features in this utility to ease this task. Users can easily select large mailboxes as this tool has no size restrictions. This software also enables users to include unlimited mailboxes at a time in this tool. The structure of the folder and meta properties will remain unaffected even after performing the Gmail to Office 365 migration process.

Users can also choose selective items of their choice to migrate particular items into Office 365. Moreover, users will be enabled to cross-check selected items before initiating the migration task using its preview option. This tool has the capability of migrating numerous Gmail mailboxes at a time. It doesn’t affect the speed of the process while processing multiple mailboxes into Microsoft 365.

After completing the Gmail to Office 365 migration process, it generates a report of the whole process. Users can also learn more about its features and facilities by downloading its free demo version.

Below we have shared the step by step process to perform this task with the help of this software. This will help you to learn all the steps easily.

Steps to migrate Gmail data to Office 365 using Shoviv Software

Step1: Open the official website of Shoviv and download the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool.exe. Then, install and open the software.

Step2: Press the Source G Suite tab and enter the needed details to connect with the G Suite. Then, click Connect.

Step3: Now, go to Target Office 365 and, enter the Office 365 credential, click Ok.

Step4: Navigate to the Migration job tab and tap the (+) button to create a new migration job.

Step5: Enter the Job name and choose the mailbox that you want to process. Then click Next.

Step6: Choose the mailbox type where you want to migrate. Hit the Next button.

Step7: Use its filter option to include or exclude items based on date or folder-wise criteria. Press the Next.

Step8: On this page, make changes according to your need and click the Next button.

Step9: The next window will show settings detail before Gmail to Office 365 migration. Click the Finish or tap Backup to edit.

Step 10: Run the job to start the process and save the report after completing the job.

Final words

We have learned the manual and professional methods to accomplish this migration task. To make the Gmail to Office 365 migration task, users can opt for the Shoviv professional tool. It is the best way to move Gmail data into Office 365. Users can also try out the above-listed software by downloading its free demo version.

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