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Are you a person who loves reading books? Do you enjoy reading books and watching movies in your free time? It is one of the best habits to develop as it increases our knowledge and skills. 

What if you read a book and it got very famous, and due to its popularity, the book turned into a movie franchise? When our beloved books become movie franchises, they become more understandable and reach a wider audience. 

This blog will list some of the most famous book series that later turned into a movie franchise. But Do you have any streaming app to watch these most successful movie franchises? No worries. Unblock Hulu in Australia now, and start watching these amazing movies. It has the best collection of movies to watch! 

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The Movie Franchises Based on the Successful Book Series

Books have the power to evoke our imaginations and emotions. What if these books turned into a movie franchise? Our brain processes visual information more easily, which makes movies easier to understand than books.  

Based on the book series, we will list some of the best movie franchises of all time. Let’s have a look! 

  1. Harry Potter 

Who hasn’t heard about Harry Potter? Harry Potter is one of the most famous books. Later, it became a movie franchise due to its popularity. The eight movies in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series took ten years to develop on our screens. 

The film adaptations were created right after the books came out, so fans repeatedly rushed from movies to books. The success of Harry Potter made J.K. Rowling a billionaire. The fans still love watching this kind of masterpiece. 

Are you looking to watch an interesting movie franchise? Harry Potter is worth watching if you already read its book. This magical franchise follows the journey of young wizard Harry Potter as he battles the dark forces of the Wizarding World. 

  1. The Lord of the Rings 

Have you ever heard about “The Lord of the Rings”? This book series is another masterpiece that turned into a movie franchise later. The Lord of the Rings is a famous series by J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Are you looking to watch a movie with the perfect visuals? We recommend you watch “The Lord of the Rings” as it holds its views from start to end. The fans and viewers love this movie franchise. 

All three movies that were released from  2002 to 2003 gained commercial success.  Many fans consider The Lord of the Rings the ultimate masterpiece of fantasy literature. The viewers also believe that the film adaptations were able to do it justice.

  1. Hunger Game 

The popular book series that turned into a movie franchise is a masterpiece of Susan Collin. The Hunger Games film franchise followed the popular YA trend of splitting its final book into two movies, in one of the more successful examples of the trend. 

There were certainly changes between the books and movies. It is an extremely successful adaptation, capturing much of the book’s horror and dark political implications.

Even though there are certain points where the book and the films vary. The movies do a spectacular job of capturing the horror and darker undertones of the source. Recently, this franchise celebrated its 10th anniversary. 

  1. Jurassic Park 

The Jurrasic Park is another perfect example of the book series that later became a movie franchise. This movie is a good example of a science fiction novel. Michael Crichton gave birth to one of the best thrilling movie franchises. 

The movie adaptation of this book series provides a thrilling adventure to its audience. The movie is about roaming around the island inhabited by the dinosaurs. It is known as the most circuitous franchise out there. 

The first film is faithful to its source, showing how an amusement park falls into chaos after genetically re-created dinosaurs start attacking. However, the first film’s success inspired the sequel and the other installments in the franchise.

  1. The Chronicles Of Narnia Franchise

Are you still looking for a recommendation for the best movie franchise? The Chronicles of Narnia is another example of books being turned into movies decades after the novels’ publications.

Are you looking to watch some animal-related movie? Try watching “The Chronicles Of Narnia Franchise.” This movie will take you to a world of mystic creatures and thrilling adventures. 

The novels of C. S. Lewis were successfully adapted into films. And it brings back childhood wonder for many book readers who watched them.

Wrapping Up 

In the world of cinema, the adaption of successful book series into movie franchise is a win win situation for the producers. These movies got famous even before its launch. 

If you are looking for good movie franchises to watch, must watch the above suggesgted movies. They are as interesting as their books. 

So, log in to your favorite streaming app and start watching these famous movie franchises. Dont forget to invite your friends for a thrilling adventure!

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