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Introduction: Windows Live Mail (WLM), a once-popular email client from Microsoft, still finds users due to its familiarity. However, with no support since its discontinuation in 2012, it’s time to consider a switch, and Microsoft Outlook is a top choice. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of exporting your Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook on another computer.

Why Choose MS Outlook Over Windows Live Mail?

Before we dive into the export methods, let’s understand why Microsoft Outlook is a superior choice for email management:

  • Better Organization: Outlook lets you organize emails into folders and subfolders, making it easier to find and manage your messages.
  • Powerful Search: Outlook’s search function is more robust, ensuring you can quickly locate what you need.
  • Customization: You can personalize almost every aspect of Outlook to suit your preferences, from email display to toolbar buttons.
  • External Account Support: Outlook seamlessly integrates with various email providers, while Windows Live Mail has limited external account support.
  • Enhanced Security: Outlook offers robust security features to protect against malware and phishing attacks, a feature lacking in Windows Live Mail.

How to Transfer Windows Live Mail to Outlook on a Different Computer:

Method #1: Export Using Windows Live Mail

  • Launch Windows Live Mail and go to File > Export email > Email messages.
  • Choose “Microsoft Exchange” and confirm.
  • Select “Outlook” from the Profile Name menu and proceed.
  • Choose to export all folders or selected ones.
  • Wait for the export to finish and confirm its completion.
  • Open Outlook and verify the export.

2nd approach: Using the Windows Live Mail File Directory

  • Locate your WLM files on your system, typically at C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail.
  • Copy these files to a storage device.
  • Plug the device into your new computer with Outlook installed.
  • Create a new folder in Outlook and drag and drop the copied files into it.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

While manual methods are viable, they have drawbacks, including time consumption, potential for errors, and incompatibility with changed email account settings. They also can not preserve the email hierarchy.

Method #3: DataVare EML to PST Converter Software

A more efficient option is to use DataVare  EML to PST Converter, which automatically converts Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook PST format, preserving hierarchy, format, and properties. Here’s why it’s a great choice:

Steps to Convert EML files to Outlook with professional Software:

  • Launch the DataVare EML to PST. The hierarchical organization of your system’s directories is displayed in the left side. The folder holding the EML files can be located manually, or you can use the Find option to search your local disks for the EML files.
  • To search for EML folders, choose Browse to identify the source drive.
  • Click OK after choosing the source disk or folder.
  • Select the necessary folder once all the directories holding EML files have been displayed, then click the OK button. The right-side panel displays the EML contents. To save, click the Save button.
  • You can define a conversion rule in the following dialog to save particular data from the folder you’ve chosen. If it’s not necessary, the option “Convert all items” is selected by default. Click-Next.
  • You can choose a destination path to store the converted PST in the Select Destination dialog. There are several ways available to save the data: Select the Create New PST radio option if you wish to start a new PST.
  • Successful saving of the converted PST file to the desired place. To complete the conversion, click OK.

Benefits of the Advanced Application

  • Directly saves EML files to new or existing PST files.
  • Maintains the original structure, format, and properties of mailbox items.
  • Compatible with UNICODE characters.
  • Offers a preview of mailbox content before conversion.
  • succeeds with all Outlook platforms and Windows computers.

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While exporting emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another computer is achievable using manual methods, consider DataVare for EML to PST Converter for a smoother and more reliable process. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to migrate their email messages seamlessly. Give it a try and experience the simplicity and efficiency it brings to the table!

FAQ by Users:

Q. I’m having problems using Outlook on a different computer to open my exported Windows Live Mail emails. What can the issue be?
A. This issue might be caused by a few different potential issues. Make sure Outlook is installed on the other computer using the right version first. Second, make sure the email account settings are the same on both machines. Last but not least, make sure Outlook can open the file format you are exporting your emails in.

Q. Is it possible to export from Windows Live Mail only specific emails?
A. Yes, Windows Live Mail does allow you to export only particular emails. You must first choose the emails you wish to export before proceeding to the File menu. After that, you must choose the Export option and the format in which you want to export your emails. In order to save the exported file, you must first choose a location on your computer and then click the Save button.

Q. Does Windows Live Mail function well on Windows 10?
A. Windows 10 still offers support for Windows Live Mail. Microsoft, however, advises users to switch to the built-in Mail software that comes with Windows 10 as it is no longer supported.

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