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As one of the leading providers of SAP Application Management Services (AMS), Quinnox has the functional and technical expertise to deliver beyond 24/7 operations. AMS drives continuous service improvement and process automation to understand and improve your organization’s operations, helping you execute comprehensive transformation and accelerate organizational success. Quinnox SAP Application Maintenance and support is your dedicated partner for flexibility, operational excellence, metrics and performance optimization. Quinnox’s SAP application maintenance and support services are available 24/7 and empower your IT team with flexible, customized solutions to support your global operations.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) is a set of processes and methods that help manage various SAP environments ranging from development, implementation, integration, testing, SAP application maintenance and support, systems administration, SLAs, logistics, accounting, support and helpdesk services. is. Quinnox, one of the leading providers of SAP application maintenance services, takes 24/7 operations a step further with its functional and technical expertise. At AMS, we drive continuous service improvement and process automation that understand and optimize your business and operations, helping you drive complete transformation and thereby accelerate business success. Our innovative process automation, reports and dashboards, and self-service knowledge base of tools and accelerators are unique to Quinnox. The result is greater agility in managing people, processes and technology, maximizing the potential of your IT portfolio and ensuring consistent delivery every time. 

The benefit of Quinnox SAP application maintenance and support

With 24/7 coverage across several time zones, our SAP application maintenance and support services offer a flexible, customised solution that supports worldwide operations and offers you specific advantages.


  • Scalability of the support workforce according to client demands
  • Flexible staffing paradigm that considers both location and talents

Invested Partner

  • regular evaluations of employee interactions and client satisfaction
  • joint initiatives to comprehend, assess, and use cutting-edge technologies that are relevant to business demands

Excellence in Operations

  • Integrating updates, modifications, and new applications and systems quickly and effectively
  • Utilise testing skills to quickly install, implement, and optimise new software features or modifications by doing quality and regression testing with the use of security and performance tools and technologies.

Metrics / SLA-based approach

  • Training and education for technical functional and management
  • Quality professional documentation (diagrams, processes)

Performance Optimization 

Our SAP application maintenance and support services help you optimize your business performance with:

  • Predictable spend
  • Flexible global delivery – right shoring coupled with flexible engagement models and tight talent
  • Faster innovation without business disruption
  • 100 percent ITIL compliant deliveries
  • Robust support, governance and transition methodology

Solutions for SAP Application Maintenance and Support: The Quinnox Method

At Quinnox, we employ a SAP AMS Model that is incredibly effective and productive. Our strategy for SAP application maintenance and support uses a shared service and core flex architecture, utilises periodic changes for predictable expense, and provides access to a wide range of skill sets. The outcome is optimal staffing that nevertheless complies with SLAs and other application KPIs. enabling factors that enable you the capacity to act Building on years of expertise across disciplines, we have created cutting-edge toolsets and solutions that may speed up your journey with SAP solutions and maximise the return on your investment over the long term. We provide a variety of uniquely created technologies that significantly increase both value and effectiveness.


Automate SAP application maintenance and migrations to speed up the process, lower risk, minimise lead times, and save money. By assisting you in developing a thorough grasp of your SAP system, QTransition may cut down on knowledge transfer work by as much as 70%. This significantly lessens the need for knowledge transfer from existing service providers.

In order to give comprehensive implementation details and a data-centric understanding of numerous processes and scenarios, this tool leverages reverse engineering.


Amenity is an online console product with a single point of access that is primarily used to automate password resets and unlock authentication management functions. Password Reset/Unlock: SAP users can change their passwords or unlock them without the help of the security personnel.

Grant users the permissions they require without the assistance of your security staff, which necessitates an approval procedure, using permission management.


ZTransp is a tool for adopting a tailored change management method to manage change from conception to productive usage. With flexible and customizable approval procedures, you can tightly regulate the development, approval, and import of shipments. The transfer procedure is error-free, and little manual labour is needed for migration. Additionally, it is readily scaleable to match various terrain.


The Q’ontrol panel is a solution that provides an automated approval procedure for managing SAP transports and assures the adherence of change control regulations. Additionally, it conveniently interfaces with mobile devices to offer 24/7 approvals on the move and records the items involved in modifications by tracking them step-by-step. Teams in charge of managing change have the freedom to keep an eye on and manage facilitation as well as see how transport is spread among various systems.  

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