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The first priority for an event organizer is to make sure that the attendees have a great experience during the event. They are constantly looking for solutions to make that happen. Event apps and facial recognition for events are the smart way to help make a streamlined event experience. Both platforms offer many versatile features and benefits that can help in fulfilling the needs of organizers and in giving a great experience to attendees. But the greatest advantage of all is that event registration and management can be done effectively by leveraging these platforms.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of mobile event apps and facial recognition technology that can help the organizers and attendees.

Interesting Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition for events is the modern technology that the organizers are using. This technology works on an algorithm by reading an individual’s facial features and translating the data, which is known as facial fingerprints. When doing the registration, attendees can upload their photos along with basic information. And at the time of the event, their face registration for event ticketing can be used. This can give a taste of modern technology to the attendees and make their experience better, along with other benefits that are listed below.

Enhanced Event Security

Security is an important factor to consider during the event, and improving it can be a task for the organizers. With the help of face ID, event access can be enhanced as there will be no illegal entries. With this, the security of the event can be improved because it will be easier to identify the person. In case of any mishappening or anyone creating a nuisance can be identified instantly. And also during a large event, if someone gets lost from the group or there is a high chance of kids getting lost, facial recognition technology can easily locate the person. This will create a safer environment for the attendees and they can enjoy the event.

Access Control

During an event, there can be many restricted areas like staff rooms, security rooms, VIP areas, backstage, and more. Face detection for event attendees can help in controlling the access of these restricted areas to only those who are required to enter. Each and every individual present at the event will have their face registered in the database, which can give the benefit of instant identification. This also improves the security of the event and helps in eliminating any kind of illegal activity. 

Faster and Simpler Check-In

With the use of facial recognition, event registrations and check-ins can be streamlined effectively. Attendees would be able to enter the event in just a few seconds with their faces as an entry ticket. This will help in giving them an immersive experience because it will reduce their waiting time along with the queues. 

Eliminates Fraud

During an event, the worst thing that can happen is someone gets cheated or counterfeited. The use of face detection for event attendees can help in eliminating fraud. As all the data can be available on the database, it will be easier to identify the person. This will reduce the risks of counterfeiting and fraud with someone. The face of the attendee will be the ticket for the event, so it can not be copied or cheated, it will eliminate illegal entries. Those who have their face registered can only enter the event.

Significant Benefits of Event Apps

Mobile event apps are a simplified technology and a one-stop solution for all the needs of the organizers and attendees. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of the event and can provide end-to-end customizations with the help of an event service provider. Using these apps can help in streamlining the whole event management process along with registrations, ticketing, and check-ins. More benefits of using this technology are listed below.

Simplified Registration and Ticketing

During an event, the main concern for an organizer is to simplify and gain more event registration and ticketing experience. Event apps are just the perfect solution for all this because it is a single platform that can help in streamlining the whole management process. With the help of an app, attendees can register in the easiest way, and for that, a guide can also be provided. They won’t have to jump through different landing pages in order to buy tickets or gain information.

Better Engagement and Interaction

Though the event management process can be streamlined using an app, they are also great for attendee engagement and interaction. Because of the benefit of end-to-end customization, a lot of interactive features can be added like gamification, Q&A, live chats, and polls. It can help in pre-engagement with the attendees and also with the help of push notifications, any important updates can be passed on. 

Helps in Branding

Mobile event apps can help in branding in the best way possible and can be the face of the event to the attendees. With it being downloaded multiple times among the attendees and your logo will be inside their phones. This will improve the branding and by providing them with all the benefits to streamline the event they can get more engaged with it. It can also help in attracting sponsorship opportunities, which will be great for the organizers. 

Enhanced Analytics and Feedback

Getting feedback and finding analytics for the event can be important for the organizers, but it can be difficult at the same time. With streamlined event management, these apps are also great for getting feedback from attendees. They can just simply submit them in the app with ratings of predefined questions, it will eliminate the hectic of manually filling the forms. Mobile event apps can also help in attendee tracking, which gets to give advanced analytics that can help in calculating the event ROI.


For an organizer, the important thing is to make the event management process enhanced for themselves and to give their attendees a more streamlined experience. They always look for solutions and innovative ideas that can help in achieving their desired goals. Dreamcast offers  Facial recognition for events. It is a technology that can help in streamlining the event management process. With faster check-ins, advanced analytics, tracking, and security, they are great for the event. Whereas, mobile event apps are the one-stop solution for all the needs that can help the organizers and attendees. With easier registration, ticketing, check-ins, feedback, management, and more. Incorporating both technologies can be very advantageous, but you can choose according to your needs and the budget of the event.

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