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Summary: Do you want to move from Outlook for Windows to Outlook for Mac and plan to import PST files into Outlook for Mac? Do you want to know how do I convert a PST file to OLM? So stay here. We’ll go through a few straightforward procedures that anyone can follow to transfer their PST files to Outlook for Mac using the finest PST to OLM converter.

Need to Import PST Files into Outlook for Mac OLM Format

Converting PST (Personal Storage Table) files to OLM (Outlook for Mac Data File) format can be beneficial for several reasons, particularly if you are switching from a Windows computer to a Mac or if you want to migrate your Outlook data from one platform to another. Here are some reasons to convert PST to OLM:

Platform Migration: If you are moving from a Windows computer to a Mac, you will need to convert your PST files to OLM format to ensure compatibility with Outlook for Mac. OLM is the native data file format used by Outlook on macOS.

Mac-Specific Features: Outlook for Mac offers certain features and functionalities that are specific to the macOS platform. By converting PST to OLM, you can take advantage of these features, such as the Mac user interface, integration with other macOS applications, and improved performance.

Compatibility with Outlook for Mac: OLM files are fully compatible with Outlook for Mac, which means you can seamlessly open, view, and work with your converted data within the Mac version of Outlook. This allows for a smooth conversion and ensures that you can continue using your Outlook data without any issues.

Data Integrity: Converting PST to OLM helps maintain the integrity of your Outlook data during the migration process. It ensures that all email messages, attachments, folder structures, and metadata are accurately preserved in the new OLM file, minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.

Archiving and Backup: OLM files serve as a reliable format for archiving or backing up your Outlook data on a Mac. Once you have converted PST to OLM, you can store the OLM files as a backup or for long-term storage, allowing you to access your emails and other data whenever needed.

Manual Steps to Import PST Files into Outlook for Mac

Important Note:  The manual procedures are not recommended by professionals because to the significant risk of data loss and file corruption.

When using Outlook on a Mac, export your data in PST format. Finally, we will successfully import the data. PST file import is a simple process using Outlook for Mac. But there are also certain drawbacks and limitations to the process, as follows:

  1. Launch the Outlook for Mac program.
  2. Press the “File” >> “Import” button now.
  3. Choose “Outlook Data File (.PST or .OLM)” >> “Outlook for Windows Data File (.PST)” after that.
  4. Select the “Import” icon after navigating to the file’s destination.

The technique is good and cost-free, however it has limits that will result in data loss as normal. There is a major chance of corruption if your PST file is larger than 50GB.

Best Solution to Convert PST to OLM without Outlook

Manual solutions are challenging and will require a lot of your time and persistence to accomplish. So, CubexSoft Outlook Converter is the automated option we strongly advise you to adopt. It is possible to convert PST emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. to OLM format using this PST to OLM converter.

Users can convert a large number of Outlook PST files at once with to the software’s many advanced functions and capabilities. Additionally, the software offers a number of advanced filters to export and convert particular data by date, too, from, subject, etc. The software can load Outlook data automatically if your Outlook is set up to use the same machine.

Software Steps to Import PST File to OLM File Format

  1. Download the software on your Windows PC.
  2. Open the software and go to Add Files button to load PST files for conversion.
  3. Check a preview of selected PST files and click Export button to continue process.
  4. Now select to OLM saving output format from the list.
  5. Browse the location to save the converted files
  6. Finally, hit on Convert button to start the process.

Benefits and Advantages of PST to OLM Converter

  • Gives users the choice of importing Outlook data files in two different ways for PST to OLM conversion.
  • Helps you by enabling you to import PST files into Outlook for Mac 2019, 2016, 2011, etc.
  • Provides an easy way to convert Outlook PST to Mac OLM, including contacts, tasks, notes, etc.
  • From Outlook to Mac OLM, you can move specific email folders.
  • Provides a different option for you to use during the PST to OLM conversion to ignore the system folder hierarchy.
  • The PST to OLM converter gives you the freedom to select your own route.
  • Supports all Windows OSs, including both the most recent and older versions, as well as the Windows and Mac OS.

Wrapping Up

We have described the entire procedure of importing PST files into the Mac Outlook OLM file format while taking the demands of the users into consideration. We also covered how to use the CubexSoft PS File Converter software to directly import PST files into OLM file formats.

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