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Tragofone – a white-label VoIP softphone backed by WebRTC and auto-provisioning is a perfect choice to maintain uninterrupted business communication anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to empower remote working or offer an efficient and productive alternative to your workforce in delivering outstanding customer services, Tragofone works. The app is all set to make communication a flawless process with a simple step to configure SIP extensions on users’ smartphones, and communication on-the-go can take place.

The auto-provisioning of this app is quick and straightforward through setup, control. It is feasible to manage thousands of SIP accounts using SIP credentials without accessing the phones. Further, Tragofone offers exceptional communication experience by ensuring quality and security with WebRTC support.

The crystal-clear audio and video call through Tragofone offer an opportunity to make communication a smooth process. Plus, the business communication will be up with the access to unlimited one-to-one calls whenever, wherever, and however your team needs. One of our app’s major advantages is to save a device battery as the app gets activated only in case of a call or message notifications.

Tragofone offers on-demand customization as per business requirements. Whether there’s a requirement to add other features or promote branding on Tragofone accounts, there’s a provision! This app is supported with Android and iOS platforms.

Tragofone smoothly integrates with IP-PBX, Call Center, Custom API, Class 5 SoftSwitch, and many more. Tragofone even works with legacy SIP servers that usually do not support WebRTC. Also, Tragofone does not require any extra configuration or integrations for the same to get started promptly. Besides, as it is designed to work perfectly with 3G, 4G, and WiFi, users can make or receive calls through Tragofone irrespective of the locations. Encrypted communication, excellent technical support, and cost-saving make Tragofone an ideal choice to level-up unified communication.

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