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In the ever-evolving world of vaping, innovation never seems to take a back seat. Enter the SMOK NORD 4, a compact yet powerful vaping device that has gained attention for its versatility, performance, and stylish design. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of the SMOK NORD 4, and why it’s creating waves in the vaping community.

Sleek Design and Build Quality

The first thing that strikes you about the SMOK NORD 4 is its sleek and ergonomic design. With a compact form factor and a variety of stunning color options, this device is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and pocket. The high-quality materials used in its construction not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its durability, making it suitable for both casual and on-the-go vapers.

Versatile Pod Options

One of the standout features of the NORD 4 is its compatibility with two types of pods: the RPM pod and the RPM 2 pod. This versatility allows users to choose between the RPM and RPM 2 coil series, enabling them to customize their vaping experience according to their preferences. Whether you’re a fan of dense clouds, intense flavor, or a balance of both, the NORD 4 has a pod option for you.

Impressive Performance

Despite its compact size, the SMOK NORD 4 doesn’t compromise on performance. Thanks to its upgraded chipset and powerful battery, the device delivers a satisfying vaping experience with quick ramp-up times and consistent output. The adjustable wattage feature allows users to fine-tune their vaping intensity, catering to both new vapers and experienced enthusiasts.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor in any vaping device, and the NORD 4 addresses this by incorporating a substantial 2000mAh battery. This battery capacity ensures that you can enjoy your vaping sessions without worrying about constantly recharging. Additionally, the USB Type-C charging port enables faster charging times, getting you back to vaping swiftly.

Intelligent Display and User-Friendly Controls

The intuitive user interface of the SMOK NORD 4 is showcased through its clear and concise display screen. The screen provides essential information such as battery life, wattage settings, coil resistance, and puff count. Navigating through the settings is a breeze, thanks to the simplified button layout that makes adjustments quick and hassle-free.

Adjustable Airflow

Customizing your vaping experience is taken to the next level with the NORD 4’s adjustable airflow feature. By simply rotating the airflow ring, users can fine-tune the air intake to achieve their preferred balance between flavor and vapor production. This level of control ensures that the NORD 4 caters to a wide range of vaping styles, from restricted mouth-to-lung draws to direct lung inhales.

Pod Capacity and Refilling

The NORD 4 pods boast a respectable e-liquid capacity, reducing the need for frequent refills. The side-fill system ensures easy and mess-free refilling, minimizing the chances of leakage. Whether you’re using standard freebase nicotine e-liquids or nicotine salts, the NORD 4’s pods are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of e-liquid types.

Safety Features

Vaping safety is a paramount concern, and the SMOK NORD 4 takes it seriously. The device comes equipped with a range of safety features, including short-circuit protection, low voltage protection, and an 8-second cutoff to prevent overuse. This focus on safety ensures that vapers can enjoy their sessions with peace of mind.


The SMOK NORD 4 is undoubtedly a standout device in the world of vaping, offering a perfect blend of style, performance, and customization options. Its sleek design, versatile pod choices, impressive battery life, and user-friendly features make it an appealing option for both beginners and experienced vapers. Whether you’re seeking intense flavor, dense clouds, or a balance of both, the NORD 4 is up to the task. As the vaping industry continues to evolve, the NORD 4 stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design, redefining the vaping experience one puff at a time.

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