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Effective contact management is essential for both people and businesses. However, duplicate contacts can amass in our PST files over time, which can be confusing and ineffective. It might take a while and be tricky to manually remove these duplicates. Fortunately, there are reliable options out there that can simplify the process and guarantee precise results. To save time and enhance contact management, we will examine a dependable technique in this blog article for removing duplicate PST contacts from the PST file.

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Recognizing the Issue:

Several factors, like importing contacts from different sources, combining contacts from separate email accounts, or synchronizing contacts across numerous devices, might result in duplicate contacts in PST files. Due to this duplication, it can be challenging to find the relevant contacts, send the right emails, and have an organized address book.

The Difficulties in Manual Removal

Before exploring the tried-and-true technique, it’s critical to comprehend the difficulties involved in manually deleting duplicate PST contacts. The manual procedure is going through the whole contact list, looking for duplication using the name, email, or phone, and then manually eliminating the superfluous items. This procedure takes a long time, especially when working with several connections. Additionally, the manual deletion is prone to human error because it is simple to overlook duplicate entries or accidentally erase legitimate contacts.

Presenting a Reliable Solution

A reliable alternative to manual removal that gets over its restrictions is specialized software made to find and get rid of duplicate PST contacts. These applications use cutting-edge algorithms to extensively examine the PST file, find duplicate items, and offer alternatives for merging or eliminating them. The TrustVare PST Duplicate Remover Application is one such reliable option.

A Trustworthy Solution: TrustVare PST Duplicate Remover

The professional solution TrustVare Outlook PST Duplicate Remover provides a trustworthy and effective method for removing duplicate PST contacts from the PST file. Even non-technical individuals can use it because of the user-friendly design and step-by-step instructions it offers. Let’s examine some of PST Duplicate Remover’s main features:

  • Complete Duplicate Detection: To properly detect duplicate contacts, PST Duplicate Remover examines the full PST file and compares different properties including name, email, phone number, and address. It uses clever algorithms to achieve great accuracy in duplication detection.
  • Flexible Matching Criteria: Users can set matching criteria based on certain properties using the tool. This adaptability guarantees that duplicates are found using the chosen criteria, enabling customers to tailor the removal procedure to their needs.
  • Different Filter ability: This PST Duplicate Remover Tool gives every user the ability to delete duplicate emails by emails, attachments, tasks, journals, notes, etc. Any large-size PST file can be loaded with this program without experiencing any loading issues.
  • Backup and Restore: PST Duplicate Remover enables users to make a backup of the original PST file before deleting duplicates. The possibility to recover the original contacts is provided by this feature, which guarantees data security.
  • Review and Preview: Before taking any action, the application offers a preview option that shows the duplicate contacts. Users can evaluate the duplicates and confirm the correctness of the detection findings in this way. If necessary, users can manually exclude any contacts from the removal procedure.
  • PST Duplicate Remover offers batch processing: This tool allows users to simultaneously remove duplicates from many PST files. Particularly for users managing a large number of PST files or operating in an organizational context, this capability saves time and effort.

Steps to remove Duplicate emails and contacts from PST files

  • Download and Install the TrustVare Outlook PST Duplicate Remover Tool
  • Start the application on the Windows system.
  • Now select the duplicate PST files that you need.
  • Preview your selected PST files.
  • Users can filter PST files by emails, attachments, tasks, journals, notes, events, contacts, etc.
  • After the filter PST files now, select the remove PST files by “Remove Duplicate each folder” or “Remove Duplicate across folder”.
  • Now click on the “Remove duplicate Mails” button and start eliminating duplicate PST files form the outlook.
  • After the process is done, open MS Outlook and see the new duplicate free PST files.

The process can be done by any professional and non-professional users. There are users has no need to install other software to remove duplicate emails and contacts from PST on Outlook. Users can use the free demo version of this app to check the latest features and functions of the software without paying a single penny.

Final Upshot:

Maintaining a clear and well-organized contact list requires deleting duplicate PST contacts. The time-consuming, error-prone nature of manual removal techniques renders them ineffective for handling huge contact datasets. However, users can easily find and get rid of duplicate PST contacts using a reliable tool like PST Duplicate Remover, leading to a simplified and error-free process.

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