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Great developers have experience working with hundreds of thousands of variables and moving parts to develop extraordinarily complex pieces of tools, software, and websites.

The majority of the people are under the wrong impression that developers are superhumans who do it all from the concepts stored in their memory. On the contrary, the best developers are usually those who are good at finding resources and putting together pieces of information.

In other words, to be an amazing developer, you have to cheat a little.

Either as a student or employee, if you are working for a software development company, you may not know where to find the required resources. One of the successful ways to grow in this industry is learning how to find information on your own.

Our developers at IQVIS have an experience of over ten years, of working with fortune 100 companies. They have identified their favorite resources they refer to when they are coding.

Here are those five cheats to help you become a better developer.

1. GitHub

One of the most famous ways to solve a problem is to look at those people who have built something similar and inspect their code. Github is a great place to look for code that’s open to the public.

This online project hosting site includes a source-code browser and in-line editing, as well as many open-source projects to peruse. The most attractive feature is its extremely responsive and active community.

2. Stack Overflow

It is an online community in which anyone can ask a question and it can answer by those with more skills or knowledge. Stack Overflow is widely regarded as the gold standard of programmer references.

The number of questions answered by you will determine your rankings. This means the more questions you answer on stack overflow, the higher your rankings. It is considered a great personal branding tool for experts.

It has created a place in which developers that are at the beginning stage and industry experts can form an interdependent relationship. Stack Overflow has a good reputation of being used as a home base for developer community worldwide.

3. API Cheat Sheets

Even though the above mentioned are inordinate communities that are highly recommended to be joined, at times your question will come down to just being considerate of the tools you are working with.

Few organization like Akamai incorporate API cheat sheet while working on those products. Beforehand of spending hours reckoning out how an API works or why your code is not interacting with it as you would expect, check to see if there is documentation that can help.

4. DZone

These days, all people have an urge to impress their bosses. However, being a good developer is when you find answers to specific questions and incorporate the latest trends and technology.

One of the developer’s favorite sources of news for web development solutions, web design, and software is DZone. It pushes out content about everything, from DevOps to Cloud tech, and from Agile tips to big data topics.

5. /R/Programming

If you’re looking for a community as well as the answer to your question, check out Reddit’s Programming page. This is a great place to exchange (and read) news about software development, learns tips and tricks and hears about others’ experiences, as well as asks and answers questions.

Right sidebar will show you similar pages, incorporating pages on sub-industries and specific languages such as security of network and web development.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be suggested that you must visit all of these sides if you plan to become a good developer. By reading more each of this side, you will better know and understand software developing technique and where it is going.

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