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You have created an app that is being well addressed by your target audience.

Now for your app to be more efficient amongst your target audience, you need to continuously provide convenient solutions.

One such solution is making it easy for engagements to be conducted in your app.

This process is called in app messaging platform. 

Not all in-app messaging SDK providers will suit your Android, iOS, and web applications, hence to make this process easier, this blog will be your guide to educating you about the top in app messaging API providers to consider and what the topic means as a whole.

Meaning Of In-app Messaging

In-app messaging lets you directly engage with your audience via real-time communication.

The messages appear to them as a pop-up while they are engaging with your app.

The reason why in-app messaging has grown popular is that they save all the effort for developers like you to create a chat app from scratch.

Today there are multiple top in-app messaging API providers that provide valuable and relevant features to cater to the chat app you wish to create.

Meaning Of In-App Messaging For Android

There could be multiple in-app messaging solutions available for Android, but not many of their features would check your list of requirements.

However, there are a few in-app messaging API for Android, that ensures all the features you require is best catered to your Android application.

For any chat app to be perfect in its delivery, relevant features matter. 

Hence with the available in-app messaging API for Android, developers can find the ultimate solution to enhance their chat apps better.

Meaning Of In-App Messaging For SDK

Whether it is in-app messaging SDK for android or in-app messaging SDK for iOS, both the solutions can be catered to well with the use of an in-app messaging API solution. 

The in-app messaging SDK provider offers tons of related features that can enhance the app performance such as encrypted conversations, high backend infrastructure, and more.

Apart from this, the best in-app messaging SDK providers also offer great analysis reports to help you understand how well your app is functioning with the users.

Did you know that in-app messaging is not the same as push notifications, while both serve the purpose of tapping the attention of users in the app, they have certain features that make them stand out.

In-App Messaging v/s Push Notifications

With push notifications, users in the app have a choice to either receive notifications from them or to opt-out of it.  In most cases, users choose the latter as these notifications can get a bit annoying. Push notifications are used to get users back into the app such as letting them know about sales and more. On the other hand, in-app messaging’s focus is to have an engagement. The conversations is taking place between two individuals. Since it is a great platform to clarify doubts or learn something new, in-app messaging is gaining popularity with time. 

5 Best In-App Messaging API, SDK Providers to Consider When Building Chat Apps for Android or iOS Platforms

1.CONTUS MirrorFly

When it comes to choosing the best in app chat API,SDK provider, CONTUS MirrorFly is a well-known name.  CONTUS MirrorFly offers dedicated in app chat solutions that give you all the reasons to invest in this provider. For instance, to secure engagements, the API provider lets the latter take place under encrypted protocol and filters.  Every feature has been designed to enhance in app chat experience for the better, the below information is proof.

MirrorFly API & SDK Features

  • End to end encryption
  • HIPAA Compatible
  • Automatic compression
  • Multi-platform synchronization
  • AR Chat platform
  • In app payment
  • Chat analytics
  • Backup and Storage

Pricing: One-time license cost

Supportive Platform : Android, iOS and Web


Perfect choice complete real time chat solution like chat, video and voice calling features.


The pricing might not be cost-effective for certain users


Apphitect is another great in-app messaging solution that helps brands build an efficient communication solution within their devices and platforms. Due to its ease of use amongst app developers, this tool has been garnering the right kind of attention.  Having been in the UAE market since 2008, Apphitect has catered to well-established brands in the country and across the globe.  They have 8 years of mobility experience and use the best technology solutions to enhance user experience.

Apphitect API & SDK Features

  • 100% customization
  • Open-source
  • Presence indication
  • Social integrations
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Offline messaging
  • Unlimited storage on its cloud infrastructure
  • Push notifications

Pricing: Monthly & One-time license cost

Supportive Platform : Android, iOS ,Web, windows


Easy to use app developers


Only for Enterprise business

3. Sendbird

Sendbird is another in-app messaging API provider that you can consider using in 2021.  It aims to help developers drive higher engagements and better business outcomes with its flexible chat platform embedded into the apps. Sendbird offers multiple modern messaging solutions that will capture your attention well. Trusted by over 100 million users, Sendbird is an efficient choice for choosing a reliable app messaging API.

Sendbird API & SDK Features

  • Sendbird UI kit
  • Channel list
  • User invitation
  • Admin messages
  • Announcements
  • Spam flood protection
  • Advanced analytics
  • Chat bot interface

Pricing: Free trial, Starter 5k- $399/month, Pro 5k- 599/month

Supportive Platform: Android, iOS ,Web


Easy to use API


Prices vary based on the user actions

4. Cometchat

Cometchat is another on-app messaging API solution to try in 2021.  It is a perfect in-app messaging SDK provider for Android as well as iOS. It offers two types of solution which is Cometchat GO that is chat plugins and Cometchat Pro which is chat API and SDKs.  It provides a fully reliable chat experience for any mobile or web application.

Cometchat API & SDK Features

  • 1-1 group messaging
  • HD Video and voice chat
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • End to end encryption
  • Real-time translation
  • Custom messages
  • Web hooks
  • Bots

Pricing:  $149/month, Growth- $399/month, Scale- $749/month, Enterprise- Custom pricing

Supportive Platform: Android, iOS ,Web


Great customer support


UX Design needs improvement

5. PubNub

PubNnb is another great in-app messaging SDK solution for iOS and Android platforms.  Pubnub helps you build chat experiences that are best catered to the audience you want to reach out to. It lets you take care of your audience while managing all the necessary infrastructure requirements themselves.  With its easy customizations, it lets you add in features that are best suited to cater to your type of audience with your app.

PubNub API & SDK Features

  • File and image sharing
  • Spam prevention
  • Channel Metadata
  • Giphy
  • Message reactions
  • Update messages
  • Access control
  • Delivery and read receipts

Pricing:  Contact Sales Team

Supportive Platform: Android, iOS, Web


Their swift SDK option is great


Documentation processes need to be updated


So these were the top in app chat SDK providers for you to get started within 2021. Each of these API providers is unique and best suited to cater to a developer like you. So tell us when do you plan to get started?

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