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When a young person transitions from college to the cut-throat competitive professional world, this is a major milestone in their career. This transition is filled with anticipation, excitement, and finding a suitable workplace to begin their career. For the millions of new college graduates every year, finding a suitable employer offering them an appropriate blend of work-life balance, growth opportunities, and vibrant corporate culture is essential.

Workday as an organization that offers one of the most vibrant and adaptable workplaces, which helps every employee bring out the best in them. Let us first understand what makes Workday one of the best places for the employees of all cadres. 

How is Workday as a Workplace? 

When it comes to the concept of a perfect workplace, it is not just about physical office space that a company owns or leases for its operations. It is also about the people working in the organization, the culture & values, and the opportunities it offers to the employees. Workday has consistently proved to be a leader in the space of cloud-based software solutions for HR, finance and planning. Workday as an organization also embodies the perfect workplace for the following reasons. 

  • A culture of diversity and inclusivity

Workday has created a culture in the workplace that strongly values inclusivity and diversity at its core. All employees in the Workday offices come from different backgrounds, and they are not just welcomed but also celebrated. Workday as a company’s commitment is to maintain a thriving workplace where diversity extends beyond just statements. At Workday offices, concrete actions like building employee resource groups, mentorship programs and Workday training are imparted to ensure every employee feels heard, seen & respected. 

  • Innovation 

Innovation is believed to be the lifeblood of Workday as an organization. The organization’s commitment is to be head over heels to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive business ecosystem by adopting innovations perpetually. Workday encourages its employees to think creatively, embrace change, & find multiple innovative solutions to different complex problems. 

  • Empowering the employees 

A workplace becomes strong only because of its employees, and Workday as a business organization thoroughly understands the same. Thus, the company always makes it a point to empower its employees by adequately providing them with the required tools, automated needs and resources required for excelling in their roles. This particular empowerment thoroughly fosters the desired sense of ownership & pride in the workplace for all its employees. 

  • Offering a vibrant culture in the workplace 

Workday offers a company culture that is often described as welcoming and vibrant. This company strongly values the significance of work-life balance, encourages employees to have fun, and fosters a true sense of being part of a thriving community. Workday’s management conducts time-to-time team-building activities and various social events to focus on the employees’ well-being; this is the culture that the Workday employees genuinely enjoy while at work. 

  • Commitment to growth and perpetual learning 

Workday, as an organization, understands and believes that learning does not stop just after graduation, but it is a lifelong process. Workday as a company considerably invests in Workday training and its employees’ development. It offers several opportunities to its employees that facilitate perpetual learning, skill-building & eventual career growth. Whether through formal training programs or mentorship, the employees receive all the necessary tools for reaching their highest potential. 

  • Corporate social responsibility 

Workday strongly believes in giving back to the community & making a positive impact on the world in need of the hour. The company vouches to engage in different philanthropic initiatives & encourages the employees to volunteer & get involved in various causes that they take care of. A sense of purpose is created that adds a lot of depth to the experience of the Workday employees in the workplace. 

  • Awards & recognition 

Workday as an organization has always committed to excellence, and this never goes unnoticed. Because of its good and dedicated work, the company has received several awards & recognitions. Workday has also been awarded for best workplace culture, a notable contribution to the evolving tech industry and perpetual innovation.  

  • A global perspective 

Workday has a global presence and thus provides its employees with several exciting opportunities to work on different international projects and collaborate with colleagues from across the globe. This global perspective enriches the overall work experience & fosters a much deeper understanding of the various cultures. 

  • Work-life balance and flexibility 

Workday understands the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for the well-being of the employees. The company offers the most flexible work arrangements that include remote working options, enabling employees to balance their professional & personal lives effectively. 

  • A true vision for the future 

The commitment of Workday towards excellence & innovation is not just limited to the present but also towards the future. The company follows a clear vision for the future & thus, it actively invests in effective R&D to stay at the forefront of the various technology trends. This forward-looking approach strongly ensures that the employees are an integral part of the organization & play a strong role in shaping its future. 

Now, we will explore why Workday stands out as one of the top workplaces for new college graduates just starting their careers. 

Workday as the best place to work for college graduates 

The following are the primary reasons Workday stands out as one of the top workplaces for college graduates. 

  • A commitment to learning & development 

One of the primary factors for a new college graduate is the opportunity to continue the process of learning & growing in their chosen field. Workday, as an organization since its inception, has significantly emphasized developing its employees via different initiatives and programs. They always make it a point to offer the best and most extensive training, opportunities for mentorship, & ongoing support that facilitate the recent grads to transition smoothly into their roles from academia to the professional world. This particular commitment to learning in such a thriving environment ensures that these young employees will continually learn and enhance their skills with time. 

  • A strong culture of inclusivity 

The commitment of Workday to diversity & inclusion has placed this organization apart as an employee of choice for several fresh college graduates. The company strongly values all their new perspectives and respects their backgrounds. Thus, Workday creates a thriving atmosphere that strongly encourages innovation and collaboration, regardless of their experience level or location. 

  • Impactful product of Workday 

The cloud-based software solutions of Workday are widely recognized for their high effectiveness and innovation. When they join the company, fresh college graduates get ample opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology that transforms the industries. Being a part of a company that believes in innovation can prove incredibly fulfilling and motivating for many young professionals. 

  • Flexibility & work-life balance 

Achieving the right work-life balance level is a top priority for several recent graduates of today’s time. Workday as an organization thoroughly understands the overall significance of this particular balance & thus offers the most flexible arrangements in terms of work timings and remote work options. This specific flexibility enables the employees to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their professional & personal lives and foster the desired well-being and job satisfaction. 

  • Career growth opportunities and mentorship 

Workday as an organization commits to offering the right level of mentorship & adequate career growth opportunities, especially for fresh college graduates. This is because the organization believes that the youngsters have a fresher perspective, and utilizing the same can prove useful to the organization. Thus, experienced mentors in the company guide the young professionals to bring out the best in them without suppressing their perspectives and points of view. Also, Workday offers the right level of Workday training to young professionals so that they can attain future growth in the company. 

  • An inclusive & vibrant company culture for the youngsters 

Company culture is one of the most critical aspects of any workplace. Workday’s collaborative, inclusive and fun-filled culture becomes very adaptable for young professionals who have just started their careers. The overall concept of the workplace is very new to them as they are straight out of college. This inclusive and supportive culture makes their transition from the academic to the professional world more enjoyable and smoother. 

  • A commitment towards CSR 

Several new college graduates are very passionate about making a positive impact on their immediate surroundings and largely on the world. A strong commitment of Workday as an organization towards corporate social responsibility provides the employees with numerous opportunities to take up philanthropic initiatives and volunteer activities. 

  • Awards & Recognition for young employees 

Several special recognitions and awards often back the reputation of Workday as a top-level workplace for new college graduates. By recognizing the contributions of young professionals from time to time, Workday as an organization strongly contributes to overall workplace excellence. 

  • Benefits and competitive compensation 

New college graduates often seek competitive compensation and security of jobs. Workday offers young graduates a very competitive salary package and comprehensive benefits like retirement plans, healthcare reimbursements & stock options. Overall, young professionals always enjoy adequate financial security & the desired peace of mind. 

  • Opportunity to work globally 

Workday is a global company that operates in multiple countries across the globe. The young professionals always stand an opportunity to work in other countries on international projects, which gives them their desired global exposure. 


To conclude, the commitment of Workday as an organization is to offer the best to their employees to build a thriving work environment. Their HR policies support the recent grads to kick-start their careers in a very friendly work environment that fosters innovation, growth, & most necessarily personal fulfilment. 

Author Bio:

Oscar Bernadotte is a Content Writer working at ERP Cloud Training. He is from California, USA, and having 20+ years of experience in blogging & writing creative copies around technical niches including IT. Born and brought up in the USA, Oscar holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He has worked for all types of industries and holds an equal command of both technical & non-technical niches. Besides his professional life, he is connected to the digital media in his free time he loves to binge-watch Netflix.

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