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Webinars are the new voice for event creators and leading businesses in the current scenario. With most of the events happening online, it becomes fairly accessible for the audience to connect with their presenters and attain more knowledge. The blog is all about listing some of the popular webinar platforms in the year 2023. In addition to this, we’ll also find out or let’s say gets familiar with some common terms associated with the webinars. Without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Understanding the Term “Webinar” 

Webinar simply means an event that is held online. With the help of some best webinar platforms, you can easily enjoy the event from the comfort of your home. Additionally, these are a cost-effective alternative to conventional seminars which require venue selection, accommodation arrangements, and much more from the event organizers. Talking from the technical point of view, webinars take place broadly in two categories – live webinar events and recorded ones. 

The live webinar platforms provide real-time engagement with the attendees. The former ones are also known as “ Evergreen Webinars”. The overall event involves sharing of documents in the form of notes, ppts, slideshows, and other formats as well. Furthermore, the webinar has a wide appeal at the global level because one only needs an active internet connection along with a compatible device for joining the session.

Prominent Benefits of Using Best Webcast Platforms 

With using the best webinar platforms, comes a great opportunity to engage with your audience in a healthier manner. Below are some of the most popular benefits of using them – 

Global Coverage

By hosting webinars at the global level, sponsors increase their chances to connect with a wide range of audiences who are present from their respective remote locations. Additionally, hosting webinars is an easy and convenient way to capture your audience’s attention. 

Higher Engagement Options

When it comes to the engagement part, most of the best webinar platforms provide the best engagement opportunities for event sponsors. With giving real-time feedback, live chat, breakout rooms, branded networking tables, and others you can easily get your attendee’s attention.  Additionally, you can also use confetti, and 1:1 networking for establishing more secure connections with your event attendees. 

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to the cost part, most of the popular webinar platforms provide cost-effective solutions which are pocket friendly, especially for small and medium startups and businesses. Additionally, with their ease of convenience sponsors does not have to make extra arrangement for the attendees like accommodations, transportation, and other hidden facilities as well. 

Powerful Analytics

When it comes to giving powerful analytics after the event, the best webinar platforms do the job for you. In addition to this, by registering your attendee’s valuable feedback you can modify your event at a larger level. Furthermore, you can also work on the loopholes and rectify your mistakes to prevent errors in your future events. Additionally, most of the best webcast platforms provide graphs, infographics, and other pictorial representations of your event performance for a better understanding of the fundamentals.

5 Most Popular Webinar Platforms in 2023

Here is the list of some of the most popular webinar platforms you can make your companion – 


A comprehensive webinar platform called Dreamcast Global enables businesses and organizations to host informative, interactive webinars and virtual meetings. This best webinar platform is cloud-based and provides a multitude of features and functionalities that are designed to make hosting and taking part in webinars as simple and straightforward as possible. With Dreamcast Global, webinar founders can quickly and easily tailor their webinars to their unique needs and tastes. The platform provides a variety of techniques for engaging the audience, including live polling, Q&a, and an interactive chat feature that let users communicate with the presenter and one another in real-time.

In order to optimize their webinars and increase their return on investment, organizers can measure attendance, engagement, and other crucial data with Dreamcast Global’s extensive reporting and analysis services. Additionally, Dreamcast Global is a flexible and reliable option for anyone wishing to hold top-notch webinars or virtual events thanks to its strong security features and ability can interface with other third-party tools and platforms.


Zoom is a free webinar platform that has a wide audience base across the world. With most of the services available at fairly low prices, this platform is best for small startups and for those ones who are very new to the event industry. Additionally, you can record your session with its premium plan and it supports up to 50 attendees at a time with its free trial version.

GoTo Webinar

A well-liked and dependable webinar platform, GoToWebinar, makes it simple for organizations and businesses to hold interesting and interactive webinars. The platform offers an array of features and functionality, such as customized branding, enrollment, reminder emails, and live surveys and polls to heighten audience participation. Additionally, GoToWebinar offers powerful analytics and reporting tools, enabling hosts to track engagement and participation levels and change their strategy as needed. GoToWebinar is a great option for groups of all sizes wishing to hold effective webinars and connect effectively with their audiences given its user-friendly design and dependable performance.


is one of the most powerful webinar platforms when it comes to boosting connectivity with your target audience. Additionally, with Zuddl you get a wide range of plans and pricing to host your event according to your audience requirements. Coming to the customization part, with this best webcast platform you can create customizable landing pages, and exhibition booths and do a lot more to interact with your target audience.


When money is not a concern for the event sponsors, the live storm comes into the role. This is a fully customizable platform that comes with special elements like – customization in sending mail reminders before the event, exhibition booths, interaction features such as sending emojis, chats, live chats, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Most of the live webinar platforms offer everything which is the point of concern for the event sponsors. In addition to this, the selection of the platform also depends on the type of event you want to host, the audience requirements, and most importantly the budget constraints with you.

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