Google announced its partnership with Shopify on 18th May’21, helping 1.7 million merchants to reach their consumers via Google and other services. This will help the merchants to sign up in just a few clicks and feature their products across Google’s 1 billion browsers. Google also displayed its shopping graph technology that allows people to search, explore and shop the world’s information that uses AI to monitor the change in products, sellers, brands, reviews, and inventory information on the site. This bond will end in favor of the merchants as well as the consumers. Where there is lots of ease available for the sellers, consumers will also enjoy benefits from the Chrome features that keep a track of carts that are left before check out. It will upgrade to Lens to keep screenshots for shopped items. Combined Shopify and Google will attract marketers with improved SEO.

Introducing Shopify merchants to Google search will allow these merchants to feature their products in new ways to their customers. However, Google partnered up with Shopify to improve gain in the Ad world. By allowing them to improve their e-commerce website, Google will strengthen its revenue stream from ad business. Their latest partnership bond will help Google sell its ads to the merchants via Shopify’s platform. We expect this bond will result in strengthening Google’s ad services portfolio which will improve Google’s customer base.

We expect this bond to stay strong in the long term. First, it was Walmart pursuing Amazon but now the competition has become tougher with Google and Shopify partnership. This can be seen as a direct challenge to both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. According to the news, Google will now allow merchants to have new ways of putting their products in front of customers. We can expect easy shopping for the customers and the site will still be using the Shopify payment app. It is just the SEO that will be improved. On a single search, Google will bring all the related items from Shopify to the audience. Shopify knew that Amazon and Walmart were having giant customer bases that were generating a lot of business, it is now expected that after partnering with Google, Shopify will have the customer base as Google will be showing top results from Shopify. Consumers will be allowed to buy online directly on social media, on a search, on video, and maps. Looking at the future, after this bond, it is estimated that online shopping will be $4.89 Trillion globally by the end of 2021. The E marketer estimation shows that more people will be encouraged to buy online instead of going back to continuing shopping in physical stores. People are more likely to save their time and energy.

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With the several new AR features launched, consumers are allowed to see how products will look before they make checkouts. In addition, Google has introduced easy shopping with flexible checkouts that will help customers discover different ways they can buy products from a Shopify e-store.

Earlier Google is bound to top-up the pages that had the best SEO but now with Shopify, Google won’t betray its new partner. It will show its audience the results related to these particular e-stores. Google being the busiest search engine with plenty of traffic won’t miss a chance to bring a buyer directly to the Shopify store. Google is at its best with optimization, Amazon and Walmart might have a tough time in the market places. Shopify is not just like the old Shopify, it has now become the giant e-commerce platform where SEO support is provided by the king of search engines, Google Chrome.

We cannot exactly say what Amazon and Walmart will have to face after Google partners with Shopify. Will they be able to compete, and how will Google now justify between Amazon and its new partner Shopify, knowing that Google owns the majority of digital town squares, and that’s where consumers are spending time.

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