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What is Mobile Tyre Fitting ?

Mobile tyre fitting refers to a service where technicians come to your location, whether it’s your home, workplace, or any other specified location, to replace or repair your vehicle’s tyres. This service is convenient for individuals who don’t have the time or means to take their vehicle to a traditional tyre shop. Mobile tyre fitting services are often provided by specialized companies or automotive service centres.

Here’s how the process generally works:


You schedule an appointment with a mobile tyre fitting service provider. This can often be done online or over the phone.

Tyre Selection

You select the type and size of tyres you need. The technicians can either bring the specific tyres you ordered or offer you a selection of tyres to choose from.


You need to specify the location where you wanted the service to be done when you make a call for booking.


On the mobile tyre fitting and repair scheduled date and time, the expert technicians arrive at the stated location with all the necessary gear, including brand new tyres according to your car model, wheel balancing and mounting machines, and other necessary tools.

Tyre Replacement/Repair

The technicians replace the old or damaged tyres with the new ones. If a tyre can be repaired, they might fix punctures or damages on-site.

Balancing and Mounting: The new tyres are mounted on the wheels and balanced to ensure a smooth ride.


You make the payment for the service, which often includes the cost of the tyres, fitting service, and any additional services like balancing and alignment.


You might receive a service receipt or invoice for your records.

Benefits of mobile tyre fitting include convenience, time savings, and the ability to have your tyres replaced or repaired without disrupting your daily routine. It’s especially useful in emergency situations, such as a flat tyre on the side of the road, where you might not be able to drive your vehicle to a traditional tyre shop.

How mobile tyre fitting services works?

Mobile tyre fitting services operate to provide convenient solutions for individuals who need tyre replacement or repair without having to visit a physical tyre shop. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how mobile tyre fitting services typically work:

1. Tyre Fitting Appointment Scheduling: 

Customers can call and schedule a emergency tyre fitting service appointment through various channels, such as the company’s website, online google search, or a phone call. During the scheduling process, customers need to provide details about their vehicle, location, issue of tyre, tyre size, and the specific service they require (e.g., tyre replacement, puncture repair).

2. Tyre Selection: 

Customers can choose the type, brand, and size of tyres they want. Some mobile tyre fitting services have partnerships with tyre manufacturers, allowing them to offer a range of tyre options. Customers may also have the option to buy tyres independently and have the service provider install them.

3. Location Confirmation: 

Customers always need to specify the car model with their current location where they want to get their service done as soon as possible. This can be done at their office, home, meeting workplace, or any other in-convenient location. They always need to provide the exact address with Landmark if any and any specific instructions that help to navigate the service team locate them easily.

4. Service Team Dispatch: 

The mobile tyre fitting service dispatches a team of technicians to the specified location. These technicians are equipped with a service van or vehicle that contains all the necessary tools, equipment, and a stock of tyres.

5. Tyre Inspection: 

Upon arrival, the technicians inspect the vehicle’s tyres to determine the condition. If the customer requested specific tyres, the technicians ensure they have the correct ones. If the tyres can be repaired (for example, in the case of a puncture), the technicians will perform the necessary repairs.

6. Tyre Replacement/Repair: 

The technicians proceed to replace the old or damaged tyres with the new ones. For replacements, they remove the old tyres, mount and balance the new ones, and tighten the lug nuts to the recommended torque. If a tyre can be repaired, they patch or plug the puncture, ensuring it’s safe for use.

7. Quality Check: 

After fitting the tyres, the technicians conduct a quality check to ensure everything is properly installed, balanced, and aligned. They might also check the air pressure in all tyres to ensure they meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

8. Payment and Documentation: 

The customer makes the payment for the service, which includes the cost of the tyres, fitting, balancing, and any additional services provided. They might receive an invoice or a digital receipt for their records.

9. Customer Feedback: 

Some mobile tyre fitting services request feedback from customers to gauge their satisfaction with the service. Feedback can help the company improve its services and address any issues customers might have encountered.

By offering on-the-spot tyre fitting and repair services at the customer’s location, mobile tyre fitting services provide a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional tyre shops.

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