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These days technology is advancing in every possible way to make the life of common people easier and safer to live. From getting quick food delivery services to banking and learning, we can leverage all this with the help of modern technology. But do you know what has played an important role so far in facilitating the everyday chores of common people? Well, it is a mobile app. Yes, you heard us right! A well-developed mobile app by an experienced Android app developer can take users’ convenience and comfort to the next level. Not only that! With the integration of cutting-edge technologies, a mobile app can do many innovative things that you never imagined before. 

Want to know what? For that, you will have to read the rest of the text stacks compiled in this prose. However, if you are willing to forge a state-of-the-art mobile program for your brand that can deliver a mind-blowing user experience to your prospective consumers, hire Android app developers right away from a top-notch IT organization on the web. 

With that completed, it is time to get down to:

Some Significant Statistics You Must Learn Before You Hire Android App Developers

  1. No less than 8.6 billion mobile device subscriptions were recorded across the globe as per the biggest provider of market and consumer data in the year 2021.
  2. If the report from a premier business consulting firm is to be believed, the global mobile app market was worth $187.58 billion in the year 2021. What’s more? It is estimated that this number will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.4% between 2022 to 2030.

Hence, if you are looking forward to building a trending mobile application for your establishment that can help generate plenty of money, it is a great decision to hire remote developers specializing in Android and Windows app development. 

Top functionalities you can leverage in Android App Development once you hire Android app developers

  1. Deliver immersive experiences with Augmented Reality 

Are you aware that Google tried to experiment with immersive experiences on mobile phones with virtual reality a few years ago using two tech-centric instruments named Google Daydream and Google Cardboard? Yes, that’s true! And the shocking part is that this vision was never turned into a reality owing to hardware limitations. Still, you must know that the main goal of offering immersive experiences to general users was based on a more accessible and prominent technology, like Augmented Reality. And nowadays Augmented Reality developers have complete access to more advanced tools that allow them to extend their capabilities rather than just catching Pokemon. For instance: 

  1. Augmented reality for mobile

AR renders a myriad of advantages when tapped with smartphones. First of all, mobile phones are so useful that they are treated as an excellent platform for sharing immersive experiences with a specific audience. That’s not all! Mobile devices are way more handy than bulky and pricey headsets. Additionally, mobile applications that are powered by AR and VR can drive better user engagement because of more real-looking and interactive components. 

And the best part? Augmented Reality technology also offers practical solutions to several troubles that can be tapped beyond consumer spaces, showing the true potential of such technologies in the business world. Thus, if your visitors come across a specific pain point while placing orders for their favorite commodities on your site, you can take the plunge to hire remote developers now to make a tech-rich Android app that can make their experience better. 

In case you are unversed with the usability of AR in mobile apps, we must explain to you something immediately. Well, AR can be a solid solution for improving navigation. Yes, by displaying digital guides in physical space using a mobile phone, users can easily navigate in an apartment or even an open space for that matter in order to find the desired location. And the most interesting thing? AR-based navigation can be called on in outdoor and indoor cases as well. And if you wish to incorporate such navigation features into your mobile program now, it is advisable to hire Android app developers instantly.  

  1. Beyond the Metaverse 

One more thing you need to know about Augmented Reality is that it plays an instrumental role in making the Metaverse more accessible to general individuals. Yes, while some tech giants like Meta are focused on creating and increasing pricey VR headsets to advance the Metaverse, this may not be the only method to go further. Instead, making the most of mobile AR can be far more effective and accessible than any other technology out there for several Metaverse applications.

A case in point here is a startup named Hololoot that lets users interact with 3D items in Augmented Reality with related Non-Fungible Tokens. And just so you know, allowing users to combine digital objects with the actual world can aid in offering a more engaging experience and smooth transitions between the web and reality. 

However, if you need to shape a mobile app that can blur the line between the actual world and the virtual world easily, it is in your best interest to hire Android app developers from a good IT organization right away. 

  1. Improve user engagement with Beacon technology

Have you ever thought about what is the biggest advantage of smartphone applications? Still, not? Then, we must inform you that you can use it anywhere you want. What’s more? You will be surprised to know that this particular benefit of smartphone software becomes even more powerful when utilized for marketing and engagement purposes. Take, for instance, mobile devices driven by Bluetooth Low Energy can be taken advantage of to send data, like ads and notifications to mobile phones. And these mobile phones powered by Bluetooth Low Energy are generally known as Beacons. By leveraging this type of technology, you can give a special, location-based experience to your users. 

For instance, myriads of potential customers in a shopping store can get Beacon-based notifications with coupons and special offers associated with closeness to certain items. Now, if you wish to construct a smartphone program powered by such technologies right off the bat, please hire Android app developers or at least get in touch with them.   

  1. Enhance security with advanced features

As you have been seeing the growth in cyber attacks for the last few years continuously, it has become extremely necessary to enhance mobile security using state-of-the-art technologies. And that’s where Biometrics comes into the picture, like fingerprints, face detection, and voice recognition. Now, if you want to include any of these features in your mobile app currently, you must hire remote developers having expertise in Android app development immediately.  

Last words

Given that you have understood well the pros of having the latest tech-oriented mobile app for your organization to conduct your business smoothly, kindly hire Android app developers from a well-known IT establishment to turn your vision into a reality.  

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