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There is a massive trend of buying cosmetics online in Pakistan, just like the rest of the world. Girls now prefer to buy makeup online in Pakistan since it is more convenient and hassle-free. Due to high demand, more and more online cosmetics stores in Pakistan are being launched. It’s not only about looking beautiful but there is also a lot of awareness amongst females on the importance of having the right and good skin care products.

With many online shops available for cosmetics, it can become difficult for individuals to buy makeup online in Pakistan. Even after reading online reviews, it is challenging to know which store is authentic. Buying bad quality cosmetics can adversely affect the skin and lead to permanent skin damage. You should always buy cosmetics from trusted and authentic online stores. This blog post will talk about the top online cosmetic retailer stores in Pakistan. 


1. GuruApp

GuruApp is widely recognized as the top and best online cosmetic store in Pakistan. GuruApp sells top-quality and authentic cosmetic and skin care products throughout the country. It also has a quality assurance team that ensures all the products available for purchase are of premium quality and do not harm the skin in any way. 

GuruApp is user-friendly and ensures that you get your product delivered to your doorsteps as quickly as possible. So, if you want to buy cosmetics or skin care products online, GuruApp should be your first choice. 

2. Makeup City

Another familiar cosmetic store amongst the female population is Makeup City, founded in 2002. Makeup City has about 38 physical shops all over the country. It also has a respectable online presence in the cosmetic industry in Pakistan. Makeup City ensures that females get the best quality international and local cosmetic brands delivered to their homes. We highly recommend this store if you wish to buy cosmetics online in Pakistan.

3. Shopaholic

As the shop’s name indicates, Shopaholic wants to make you obsessed with their products so that you don’t buy your cosmetics or skin care products from any other online store in Pakistan. Shopaholic has a large variety of products available for customers at a cost-efficient price and having superior quality. You can choose a product from various global brands from the same online shop and get it delivered easily to your home with multiple payment options. 


Gone are the days when you had to go to a beauty parlor and pay a hefty amount of money to take care of your skin and increase your beauty. offers everything in one place and online. Apart from being one of the biggest online cosmetic stores in Pakistan, it is also one of its kind.

It not only provides cosmetics for females, but rather it also sells fragrances, undergarments, and herbal and healthcare products not only for females but also for men as well. apart from selling products online, are also on a mission to create awareness amongst the people of Pakistan regarding cosmetics and healthcare products through workshops and seminars.

5. Just4girls

Are you looking to buy cosmetics at an affordable price? Then Just4girls is where you want to visit. It is also an online store which sells cosmetics ranging from top luxurious international brands to the most cost-efficient ones, which every female can buy and look beautiful. Just4girls do not compromise on quality. Hence all the products sold are of good quality without having negative side effects on your skin.


It concludes our article on the top five online cosmetic retail stores in Pakistan. We guarantee that any purchase from these shops will not end up in disappointment. It is a testament to their quality and customer service.

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