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Rigging and operating telehandlers and front end loaders have now increasingly become very popular jobs in Brisbane. Such work fields might be tough, but they are certainly very promising and rewarding careers. If you have been considering any of these fields as a future career, there are some requirements that you would need to fulfil in order to meet the employment criteria. First, you need to make sure you possess the necessary skills and experience to be able to successfully handle the relevant work tasks. This is very easy to fulfil, as you can just obtain the relevant training. Second, you need to apply for the relevant work licence. For instance, you will need to apply for the Rigging Licence in Brisbane if you are considering a career in rigging. 


One main requirement that you would need to meet in order to start a career in rigging is obtaining the Rigging Ticket. 

The Rigging Ticket 

There are various categories of the Rigging Ticket. You need to have an insight into each ticket category and what kind of rigging work tasks each will enable you to perform. 

The Basic Rigging Ticket

If you have just started your rigging career, the Basic Rigging Ticket is the right one for you. The Basic Rigging Ticket is the basic category of the Rigging Ticket. It allows its holders to carry out limited and basic rigging tasks. These include the erection of the structural steel and the allocation of the precast concrete members of the structure.

The Intermediate Rigging Ticket

This is another category of the Rigging Ticket. The Intermediate Rigging Ticket will still allow you to carry out the rigging tasks that the Basic Rigging Ticket allows you to perform. However, it will also enable you to perform additional rigging work tasks as well. These include operating rigging cranes, conveyors, dredgers and excavators and demolishing structures or plants.

The Advanced Rigging Ticket

This is an advanced category of the Rigging Ticket. Holding a valid Advanced Rigging Ticket would allow you to carry out more than just the tasks that the Basic and the Intermediate Rigging Tickets would allow you to perform. The Advanced Rigging Ticket would allow you to perform some advanced rigging tasks. This includes rigging gin poles and shear legs and flying of foxes and cableways.


The first thing to know about telehandlers is that they are machines of multi-purpose. This is why they are very commonly and frequently used on various worksites. Initially, telehandlers were only used in the agricultural work field. However, as the multi-purpose feature of telehandlers have become widely known, other work fields have adopted telehandlers in their list of their main worksite equipment. Telehandlers can perform a wide range of tasks. This includes the transmission of materials, snow removal and the cleansing of workplaces.

Becoming a telehandler operator

Before you start your career as a telehandler operator, you need to first obtain the relevant training. The training would teach you everything you need to know about telehandlers, how to operate them and the whole career field. Second, you need to obtain the Tele Handler Ticket in Brisbane. 

The Telehandler Licence

You need to apply for the Telehandler Licence before you start your career as a telehandler operator. In fact, most, if not all, employers require holding a Telehandler Licence as one of the main requirements that you need to fulfil so that they could employ you.

Front end loaders

Just like telehandlers, front end loaders are very crucial machines that many worksites cannot operate without. There are two main functions that front end loaders could do. Telehandlers can collect and move materials. In addition, many attachments could be attached to front end loaders. Accordingly, front end loaders can perform many different tasks on worksites. These include picking up dirt and sand and moving them across different locations. Furthermore, front end loaders can also elevate worksite materials. 

Operating front end loaders

Becoming a front end loader operator is very simple. You just need to make sure you follow the right steps. First, it is preferable that you complete a front end loader training. This training will equip you with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge that you need for the job. More importantly, it will teach you all you need to know about front end loaders and how to operate them. Second, you need to apply for the Front End Loader Licence in Brisbane. 

The Front End Loader Ticket

You need to apply for the Front End Loader Ticket in order to be able to work as a front end loader operator. In addition, obtaining the Front End Loader Ticket would make you an officially certified front end loader operator since it is an official certification. Accordingly, you will be able to work almost everywhere in Australia

In the course of building a construction or operating a mining site, a crane is driven and directed by a dogman, who typically works with a crane operator and rigger.

A Dogman adds lifting attachments to raising equipment and verifies that the weight being transported fits the cranes’ lifting capacity.

A Dogman Licence Brisbane is necessary for the position because it is regarded as a High Danger employment in Brisbane.

A Dogman Ticket Brisbane is necessary since it certifies the operator’s expertise in the following areas:

– The use of proper slinging procedures, including the judgement in selecting and inspecting lifting equipment to ensure security.

– Working with a crane or lift operator to coordinate the situation

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