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People who love Himalayan salt products must be aware of the basics, applications, and precautions of salt adhesive. There are several products like Himalayan salt bricks, blocks, tiles, licking blocks, slabs, panels, lamps, and much more. 


Salt adhesive is specifically designed to glu Himalayan salt products. It is chemically not reactive to sensitive crystals of salt products. There are no harmful acids to react with salt. Moreover, it is transparent and enables light to pass through.

By using this salt glue you can make a distinctive and customized wall. Using this glu enables you to not create any mess. It is typically made for joining Himalayan salt products. Likewise, bricks, tiles, slabs, plates, blocks. Moreover, decoration products like lamps, vases, panels, mini tables, paperweights, and much more.   

This glue for rock salt bricks is a special 2-component compound powder and is ready for use (to be mixed with the appropriate quantity of water).

Common Glu for Himalayan Salt Products

Many people frequently ask this question when it comes to the installation of Himalayan salt bricks, blocks, and tiles. They ask about using common glue in the place of typical salt adhesive. So the clear-cut answer is NO.

Adhesive for Himalayan pink salt products is entirely different from all other types of glu. Any type of glue cannot be used in place of typical salt adhesive. It can deform salt products or it can lead to unsatisfied joining of salt products. This typical adhesive for salt products joins them strongly as compared to other types of glue.

Appropriate Ways to Use Salt Adhesive

The appropriate ways to use salt glue are not so difficult. The entire method is simple. The salt adhesive is available in the market in a tube shape.

For easy application, you should use a glue gun for it. It will save it from wasting or inappropriate applications. Just paste it on the targeted surface and join other items with it. Take a break up to complete the drying process. Typically salt glu does not take longer to dry, it dries immediately.  Firstly, you should notice that the targeted area is completely dry. Do not use salt glue on the products that have to be placed outdoors.

The products in the basement are also prone to maximum moisture. In this way, salt glu will not work effectively on them. Humidity must be less than 70 percent.

Appropriately stir and shake salt glue before applying it. Let the salt bricks acclimatize for at least 24 hours in this working environment without packaging. In order to compensate for the differences in size between the bricks, the adhesive can be mixed as required with conventional dry silica sand from the hardware store up to a maximum consistency of mortar, regardless of the grit size. Adding sand also shortens the curing time.

Use a spatula tool to remove extra salt adhesive pasted on the targeted area. There are some bricklayer tools are required. For example, a spatula, sponge, and many more. The sponge can be used for cleaning and equaling the surface.  

The solution that you have made should be used within 20 minutes. Salt glue and the targeted surface should be firmly connected with each other. Ensure a rigid grip. Keep in mind to wash all the tools after using them with salt glue. Do not leave even a little amount of glue on tools. 


The glue is usually available in the form of power, If it is supplied in a 1 kg bag. In this way, you have to shake the powder in the bag. Please make sure that it is mixed well. After this process mix the desired powder 

Use the final solution within 10 minutes.
The curing time of glue is approx. 3-4 hours.
Build your own salt wall (DIY) easily.

  • The common glue doesn’t let back-side LEDs pass through the light. Salt adhesive is comparatively transparent and allows light to pass through. 
  • Acts and Dries relatively fast.
  • It contains all friendly elements that are safe for Himalayan salt products. 
  • The best thing about this salt glu, it can fix your broken products as well.
  • This tube can be applied to 45 salt bricks.
  • Weight 1.2 pounds. 

How to Use the Salt Adhesive to Build a Salt Wall?

  • Choose the size of salt blocks you want to use. Moreover, you can buy distinctive Himalayan salt bricks, blocks, and tiles from online product-selling platforms. Make sure to choose high-quality blocks that are suitable for building. Quality means the finest possible cutting.
  • Plan the layout of your salt wall. Consider the size and shape of the wall, as well as the pattern you want to create with the blocks.
  • You have to be careful about the surface as well. The surface should be clean from dust, humidity, and water exposure and it should be level. You can also use a concrete primer. 
  • Mixing process is also very important. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer while mixing the solution. Basically, salt glu is a composition of water, salt clay, or cement (Adhesive agents).
  • Apply the salt adhesive to the surface using a trowel or similar tool. You have to apply a thick layer of salt glue for better results. Adjust the blocks as necessary. This typically takes several days.


Be careful while using it and prevent it from Children. It can irritate the eyes, please use it carefully. But there will be no chemical-induced side effects on the Himalayan salt bricks.

Must wear gloves otherwise the salt glue can make you extremely dry. If you feel uneasy after working with salt glue so must go to a physician. Use only the glue that is typically designed for salt items. This glue is transparent and allows the backlight to pass through. 

If the salt glue and the targeted products are not firmly merged with each other for four weeks then it means there is a high level of Humidity, the room temperature is too low or there is not enough salt adhesive applied to Himalayan salt bricks, tiles, or blocks. 

Author Bio

I personally perceive it as an important factor in gaining the appropriate knowledge of Salt Adhesive and basic guidance about its introduction, applications, and precautions. There should be awareness among the clients that typical salt glue is totally different from all other types of glue. So it has a different application method. We should use it accordingly as the composition of Himalayan pink salt is distinctive from other products.  I hope this article will help you throughout your installation or decor process.

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