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Europe is considered the birthplace of Masters in Management and is home to some of the best MiM programs. Most of the top-ranked MiM business schools are located in Europe which reflects the popularity of MiM in Europe. Due to its popularity, it attracts the highest number of international students. About 85% of all worldwide Masters in Management are offered in Europe. MiM programs offered in Europe are best for students who want to start the course without any past knowledge of the same field.  

  • Start it from the Beginning

Most of the MiM programs offered in Europe are beginner-friendly which means that students belonging from different academic fields can also apply to the MiM programs. This allows them to build a strong base in the field of management which results make them a strong contender in the future. 

Along with this, only a little or no past work experience is required while applying to the MiM program in Europe. This is a great exception as most of the MiM programs offered by other countries have at least 2 years of past work expectations. 

  • Access to the world-class structure 

Affiliated business schools have built a student-friendly environment that provides a comfortable atmosphere and allows students to explore more of their campus life. Better accessibility to the well-built infrastructure of the school makes the surroundings complacent for the students and creates a sense of belongingness among foreign as well as local students. 

Along with campus infrastructure, the faculty staff of the School is highly qualified with exceptional teaching techniques and motivating their students throughout the program to bring only the best in them.  Find the best business schools in Europe and then apply to the one that fits your profile. 

  • Quality of Education

The programs offered in MiM programs in Europe are rigorously planned and then implemented in the most innovative way to extract the maximum benefit to the students. The curriculum of the particular program has compulsory core modules along with an option to choose from a number of electives which allows students to personalize the course according to their decided future plans

Along with academic excellence, the specially designed curriculum provides the scope for theoretical advantages via engaging students in related activities such as internships and field trips. 

  • Extra-curriculum

Campus-life is very happening in the schools of Europe, to keep the students engaged and boost their confidence many activities are organized by schools and present clubs and society such as mentorship conferences, debate competitions, boot camps, etc. 

  • Global Exposure 

Students admitted to the business schools in Europe have access to elite global exposure. They can access it during placement sprees and participating in internships or admitting to clubs and societies. 

Global exposure helps students to build connections among the relevant people that can be beneficial during the job hunt as well as students can use this opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and gain from their own ideas and experiences. 

  • Presence of Diversity 

European business schools take the highest number of international students which creates an atmosphere of diversity in culture as well as in religion. Admitted students can make friends with other students, all of whom have had significantly unique lives and experiences, and share their own experiences with them. The amount of learning that gets exchanged is just ginormous. You can also checkout jobs after MiM from europe for Indian students. 

  • Work while Studying

Full-time courses of the MiM programs are usually for the duration of 12-18 months long and while pursuing the program, students can work along in the research fields or with non-profit organizations or can work outside the campus as well. 

  • It is Cheaper

In comparison to the other business schools in different countries offering MiM programs, the business schools in Germany and France are cheaper as most of the schools are state-owned. And there are abundant available scholarship and sponsorship opportunities that may cover students’ whole academic-related expenses. 

Top business schools in Europe offering MiM programs:

  • HEC Paris-MSc Strategic Management, France
  • ESSEC-MSc in Strategy & Management of International Business, France
  • ESADE-MSc in International Management, Spain
  • IE Business School-Master in Management, Spain
  • CEMS- Master in International Management, Multiple locations
  • University of Copenhagen- Master in International Management, Denmark
  • ESCP Europe Business School- Master in Management, France

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