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If you own a business and need to make the right harmony between conveying quality programming applications and adhering to a delivery cutoff time then it is important to speed up the software testing process. Enterprises invest relentlessly in software testing services and have also come up with various QA process improvement tips and developed best practices that help achieve customer satisfaction. Following are the best practices for a business to implement, to speed up software testing, improving quality, reducing QA efforts, and meeting tough deadlines:

Speed Up Software Testing

If talking about agile projects, the key to success in the speeding testing process is by optimizing regression testing. It may take more than 70% of the sprint testing efforts. Following approaches can help in achieving this aim:

Risk-Based Approach

Testers should arrange two regression test suites including a partial regression test suite and a full regression test suite for a project. It is essential to identify the risks each software module possesses and their probability and impact on the quality.

Automate Test Regression Suite

With the help of test automation, QA teams can reduce the time a regression test suite takes to complete the process. Thus, test automation is only applied where its true efforts can be fulfilled. It is recommended if automation works efficiently for performing the manual regression testing in the long-term.

Improve Software App Quality

Due to several reasons, a firm may experience software quality issues. Thus, they hire software testing services so that they don’t have to compromise on quality. These may arise due to an unstructured quality assurance process, insufficient test coverage and testing in the right environment. Thus, to address this issue, the following tips can be helpful:

Set-up A Proper QA Process

Testers should define the maturity level of their QA process to ensure the effectiveness of quality assurance. The QA process should be aligned with the software development lifecycle and project management should be introduced to enhance that required improvement. With the help of a well-integrated QA and development process, testers can map out the defects with e corresponding test cases. When QA teams collaborate with a customer according to an outsourcing model, they manage the effective communication between QA testers and customers.

Reduce QA Efforts by Making Positive Changes

With software testing lead, firms can reduce the QA efforts and make the most of their testing processes. Testers optimize testing of the low-risk software functionalities by validating it indirectly with unit tests. It can be done in the following ways:

QA Consulting – Audit and resign existing QA processes to make them fit the needs of a software project.

Test Automation – Automate the functional, performance and API testing of software apps to improve test coverage

QA Outsourcing – With the help of managed QA teams, testers plan, design and execute the entire scope of QA activities to allow the smooth release of quality software in frequent iterations.’

The above tips can be helpful in achieving software quality at speed.

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