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Has your organic traffic stalled? Are your web visitors taking a nose dive, or do you just want to ramp things up and bolster your organic traffic? Then you need to be on top of all the disruptions in the fast-paced world of SEO. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve seen what’s rocking the industry at its foundations. There are many exciting trends out there that you could implement right now to give your organic traffic the jolt it needs to come alive. Check out the latest trends that many SEO services are scrambling to put to good use post-haste.

Rich with opportunity. Rich Snippets are a big deal

We’re living in the times of no-click or zero-click searches, which account for over 50.3% of all search queries. That means you have to make your SERP result count, and rich snippets are the way to go about, attracting attention from every site owner keen to entice that elusive clickthrough. 

So what’s the secret to pulling off rich snippets? Try these out:  

  • Leverage JSON-LD mark to better structure data. This comes straight from the horse’s mouth, as advised by Google
  • Surface ratings as part of your search results. With good ratings, user confidence improves and so does your position as an authority in your industry
  • Answer SERP FAQs. This might encourage leads to move through to your website to get the full picture
  • Set images for rich snippets. Let’s face it. We are visual creatures. If you include imagery in your rich snippets, chances are you will stand out from the crowd and your organic CTRs will shoot through the roof

Accelerated Mobile Pages on the ascendancy

AMPs are becoming an important go-to for many SEO services who’d like to enhance page load times for mobile, which has gained precedence as an important ranking signal in 2023 for Google, the largest search engine on the planet. 

You should leverage AMP to make your website even more mobile-friendly, at a time when we’re witnessing over 4.3 billion active mobile internet users. But don’t just stop at Google’s AMP. Use the following SEO pointers to further safeguard your mobile SEO. 

  • Constantly check up on the core vitals of your website
  • Always opt for custom CSS
  • Simply your navigation menu and forms
  • Compress and optimize your images

The meteoric rise of video SEO

In the eyes of today’s consumers, text is playing second-fiddle to visuals as preference has shifted, catalyzing the rising trend of video. By the end of this year (2023), experts predict that video will account for over 82% of content worldwide. 

The time is now if you’ve not been incorporating video into your SEO services strategy. In that breath, here are a few tips to help you optimize video for search: 

  • Always include video transcriptions: Besides improving audience accessibility, these transcripts provide real estate for search algorithms to crawl 
  • Make your thumbnail captivating and irresistible. After all, it is your video’s first impression. Moreover, videos with personalized thumbnails tend to enjoy 30% higher clickthrough rates
  • Include keywords into your video’s descriptions and titles to match search intent

Voice search SEO is the order of the day

More than 28% of people from the United States said they use digital voice assistants frequently. Convenient, simple, and fast, voice search is on an upward trajectory as more netizens continue to switch to voice.

Therefore, it’s time you also give voice search SEO the attention it deserves if you haven’t been paying any. Here are a few pointers to help you raise your game: 

  • Implore content with conversational language such as long-tail keywords
  • Optimize for mobile as the bulk of voice search occurs via this channel
  • Optimize for Google featured snippets because voice assistants often read these out to users

Authentic Product Page Reviews Coming of Age

A couple of months back, Google made changes to how it reviews product reviews, with algorithms tweaked to shine the spotlight on higher quality reviews and penalize those that fall below expectations. While it has taken months to nurture, this update is finally making good on its threat to ensure low-quality product reviews never see the light of day. 

To stay ahead and make your product reviews work for your SEO and organic traffic, you’ll need to raise quality by: 

  • Obtaining reviews from people who’ve actually tested the product. Fictional reviews could sink your SEO visibility so you need to produce first-hand evidence
  • Covering its alternatives on the market and how your product reviews stand out from the crowd
  • Including both challenges and upsides to using your product, including perhaps how it performs differently from earlier iterations, if applicable 

This SEO trend is becoming especially crucial for eCommerce stores, but as long as you’re selling any type of product or service, it’s wise to heed. 

Never stop learning!

Unlock the secrets of SEO success and grow or get your organic traffic on the mend with these latest trends. The tides rise and fall unpredictably in the vast ocean that is SEO, bringing new treasures to shore every so often. Be sure to prioritize continual learning in the never-ending quest to stay on top of SEO and you’ll always be armed with the knowledge to stay on the right side of change – and your organic traffic.

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