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At times, when users while working with Microsoft Office 365, their data gets accidentally deleted, and then it creates a problem for them. If you have ever faced such circumstances, then you certainly require a solution that would help you to restore deleted mailbox Office 365. Many users might think there is no way to recover data after deletion in Office 365. However there are ways to recover the lost data.

This write-up will inform you about different data loss scenarios and the solution to recover the deleted data.

What are the consequences of data deletion in Office365?

Whenever a user deletes their data, the data goes for a certain period, called the retention period, into a deleted item folder. However, after the lapse of the data retention period, there will be no option left for users to restore deleted mailbox Office 365 accounts. But, if users have the backup their data into a PST file, it becomes easier for them to recover their data.

So, it is clear that users can only recover their data until the data deletion is under the data retention policy of Office 365.

How to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365?

Using Office 365 Admin Center:-

There are methods like using the Office 365 Admin Center users can restore deleted mailbox Office 365, but the user who is in charge should have the admin rights. After attaining the rights, follow the below-mentioned procedure:-

  • Open the Office 365 admin center in your browser. Log in with the admin account and then navigate to the user>> deleted users section on the left side menu.
  • Now on the deleted user’s page, you can check the list of all deleted users and in the recoverable state. You can recover them by clicking on the restore button.
  • In the restore wizard, you will be asked to comply with the policies of your organization and make sure you should have the product license. After that, click on the Restore button.
  • Once the restore gets over, you can also choose to share the password in your email address. Click on send email and close.

Using Outlook Recycle Bin Folder:-

Once any item of Office 365 gets deleted, then it directly comes into the recycle bin folder of Outlook. So, there are methods through which can take help to restore deleted mailbox Office 365, which are described below:-

After opening Outlook, you need to follow the listed step-by-step procedure:

  • On the left side menu of Microsoft Outlook, kindly click on the deleted item folder.
  • Now select the messages or select all items and click on Restore.

Note: – If you cannot locate your email/item, they have been moved to the recoverable item folders responsible for holding the data for the next 30 days.

  • Go to the left side menu and click on deleted items.
  • Now choose the recovered item deleted from this folder. Kindly pick up the emails you need to recover in this folder and click on Restore.

This above-listed method works until the retention period, but users have no chance to recover their data whenever that period gets over.

One of the better approaches to overcome the data loss situation is to regularly backup Office 365 mailboxes. To know, how such backup strategies work, kindly stay on this blog.

 Methods to take Office 365 email backup 

Users can choose from the multiple backup approaches to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST file format. Microsoft does not have any direct method to backup data, but using the e-discovery content search method, users take the backup of their data.

We have shared the procedure through the following users can easily backup Office 365 mailboxes:-

  • Open the Office 365 admin center. Go to the Security & Compliance.
  • Now click on Permission which will open the new menu. If you have already created the e-discovery manager roles, click the checkbox.
  • Again visit security & compliance, and click on the Search.
  • Create the new search by entering the required information in the Name, location, and Condition. Once done then, review your search and click on Submit.
  • It’s time to export the result and click on Export after selecting the required output option,
  • Go to the content search, and click on Export. Select the existing search, and after that, click on download result.
  • Open the export tool, and paste the export key. Use the browse button to store the output backup file.

Drawbacks of the manual solution to backup Office 365 emails

This is all about the method that can be employed to backup Office 365 mailboxes into a PST file. However, this backup approach possesses some limitations, like the incapability to back up multiple user mailboxes at the same time. Along with this drawback, there are multiple other limitations that users should look at.

Most Effective solution to create backup of Office 365 data

We have discussed solutions that are responsible to restore deleted mailbox Office 365, but only help you if the data deletion doesn’t cross the data retention period. One of the better options is having a backup, which will eliminate the impact of accidental data deletion. Shoviv Office 365 email backup tool holds itself as one of the best solutions to deal with the issue of forming a data backup of Office 365.

The software works perfectly fine with all Windows Operating Systems. Users can take the backup of as many mailboxes as they need simultaneously. Also, this software offers to run multiple backup jobs instantly.

Using the software backup scheduling option, users can run the process periodically. The tool offers the option to take daily, weekly, and monthly backups. The tool has a default incremental export facility, which is beneficial when the user resumes the halted Office 365 email backup process. In such cases, the software makes sure to backup the remaining items.

How does this software backup user data? 

  • The first and foremost step is to create a connection of Office 365 with the software.
  • Click on Connect Office 365, then select the create project.
  • In the project wizard, make sure to enter the required details, such as the Project name and the name of the Exchange server. Select MFA during the login option, Tenant ID, Client ID, secret key, and user email. After that, click on Ok.
  • After clicking on the backup job, select which mailbox you need to backup.
  • Next, you need to select the mailboxes whom to want to backup.
  • Now the data filter option, which users can use if they want to backup the limited data.
  • Users can also use the job scheduling option to automate the backup.
  • Users can change the mailbox and item threat count settings on the setting page.
  • Once done, then click on the Create backup job option.


Office 365 does have a retention policy within the user can easily restore deleted mailbox Office 365, but after that period, there is no way left with users. To isolate from such circumstances, it is better to take precautions. In this regard, taking backup is the sole solution. We have discussed the expert-recommended solution that is fully capable of dealing with any situation. We suggest to look over their functionality by using their free demo version.

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