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This article describes how to manually access a Thunderbird inbox file in Microsoft Outlook. It is also compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 for reading emails from other mailboxes.

Thunderbird, a product of Mozilla, was formerly the most ubiquitous and widely used email client. However, times have changed, and individuals now use Outlook for an assortment of purposes.


This article will examine:

  • Why do you want to access Thunderbird in Outlook?
  • How do I manually access Thunderbird mail in Outlook?
  • Method for Technically Opening Thunderbird in Outlook PST
  • Superior Functions of the Thunderbird Mailbox to PST Converter

Outlook users access Thunderbird Inbox files for a variety of purposes.

Users detest Mozilla Thunderbird for a variety of reasons:

  • Inadequate data security
  • The RSS feeds are not fully combined.
  • You are incapable of managing duties.
  • The absence of a calendar.
  • You cannot establish your own standards.
  • What factors contribute to Microsoft Outlook’s popularity among users?
  • Simple to employ
  • The optimal RSS feed system An outstanding calendar application for managing daily responsibilities
  • IMAP and POP are supported. Note-taking is possible.
  • High levels of security Outstanding SPAM filtering

Outlook has several advantages over Thunderbird, as demonstrated. This is why it is the most popular email client among its users. Examining how to access the Thunderbird inbox in Outlook.

How do I access Thunderbird Mail through Outlook?

Outlook supports a variety of manual methods for accessing Thunderbird mailbox file data. Let’s examine each technique separately.

  1. Configure Thunderbird and Outlook using IMAP.
  2. Utilize the professional instrument.

Step 1 – Configure Thunderbird and Outlook with IMAP

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) enables you to synchronize your email accounts and clients. This capability is accessible to you.

You will need a Gmail account, an Outlook account, and a Thunderbird account to test this method.

  1. Launch Thunderbird and configure Gmail to use IMAP.
  2. After configuring the Gmail account, create a new folder within the Thunderbird application.
  3. Now, relocate all of the desired emails to a new folder in Outlook.
  4. After moving all emails to the new folder, launch Outlook.
  5. Set up an identical Gmail account in Outlook.
  6. The email must be dragged into a folder within Outlook.
  7. That’s all there is to it. Outlook now supports opening Thunderbird’s inbox.

Note that although the antecedent procedure appears simple, it is only suitable for seasoned professionals. For superior results, it is preferable for non-technical individuals to choose the last approach, which employs an automated solution.

Technical Method for Opening Thunderbird in Outlook PST

MBOX is a Thunderbird file without an extension that is used to store all of your email and other mailbox data. PST is an Outlook data file that stores your emails, contacts, and other information. Therefore, once the Thunderbird file has been converted to a PST file, you can import the PST file into Outlook and promptly access all of your email messages, contacts, and other essential data. The instructions contain the professional tool for Mailvita Thunderbird to PST Converter Software.

Let’s examine how to accomplish this in a few easy steps. Install the Thunderbird converter before proceeding with the following steps:

  • Install and download the Open Thunderbird in Outlook PST file Tool.
  • Launch the program and select Directory Mode and File Mode.
  • Add files to Thunderbird files and then select the Browse button.
  • Display the preview of the file in Thunderbird.
  • Select Output Option from the menu: – Separate and Multiple Files
  • Select the folder in which the PST file will be saved. Click on the Browse Button.
  • Click “Convert” to initiate the conversion process.

That is all. Users can read Thunderbird inbox files in Outlook with ease.

Advances Thunderbird Mailbox files to PST Converter Features

There are numerous reasons to use a professional instrument, including the following:

  • Friendly graphical user interface
  • There is no risk of data loss
  • Unlimited email migration Migrate specific or all emails based on your requirements
  • Display in real-time email content extracted from MBOX files.
  • Secure and Safe Conversion
  • Compatible with Mac OS versions
  • Import Directly the Thunderbird Files

As you can see, the application provides a multitude of advanced features that can make viewing Thunderbird inbox files in Outlook not only convenient but also fast. Additionally, you can use the trial version to save a few items from each folder to a PST file.

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Last Words

There are manual methods available for opening Thunderbird mailbox documents in Outlook, but using a Mailvita Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac Tool provides numerous advantages. This method provides superior features and a pleasant user experience, making it especially useful for non-technical customers. By converting Thunderbird mailbox files to the PST format, which is compatible with Outlook, users can easily access their emails and other records in Outlook. Frequently, the converter application offers additional features such as selective conversion, batch processing, and folder hierarchy preservation, facilitating the transfer of data. In addition, the use of an expert device eliminates the need for technical expertise and reduces the risk of data loss. The Thunderbird to PST Converter Tool provides several advanced features, such as a user-friendly interface, secure conversion, support for multiple Mac OS versions, and direct import of Thunderbird files. Users can utilize the free trial version to evaluate the product before making a purchase.

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