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All of the contents in the MS Outlook application are stored locally in PST files. Everything from contacts to calendars to emails is saved on the PC in an Outlook-compatible manner. Is the PST file compatible with different email client programs, as the query would appear? No, is the response. As a result, many users want to know how they may quickly export calendar data from PST files into other programs or file formats. to convert PST to ICS file format in more detail.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that offers a number of features, including calendaring, online browsing, contract management, task management, and journal logging. It also enables you to concentrate on the message that is most important to you. Your PST file can be seen in Outlook. Some users desire to convert PST files to ICS files.

Personal Storage Table files are referred to as PST files. The PST file has the extension.pst. Within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Messaging, and others, is used to keep copies of calendar events, messages, and other objects.

ICS files: The iCalendar file is referred to as an ICS file. Applications for Outlook, Google Calendar, and other emails can be used to open this. It’s employed to send

These are plain text files that describe events and are used to convey meeting requests to the recipients.

We will outline the step-by-step procedure to export PST files to ICS format in this technical blog.

Reliable and Effortless PST to ICS Conversion Method

Use the Advik PST Converter Tool, as I have advised. Let’s now examine the software’s operation.

Large ICS files cannot be imported, and they are also difficult to read and comprehend. As a result, I suggest using the best PST converter software, which enables you to convert PST to EML file formats, to get over these restrictions. The EML can therefore be opened as an ICS file type. It is also capable of converting to various file types or email clients, like PST to Gmail, PDF, MBOX, EMLX, TXT, HTML, MHTML, and others that are appropriate for your comprehension. You can watch this video for a better grasp of the situation in greater detail.

  1. Install the software, run it and read the instructions written below.
  2. Then add the files you want to convert and if you want to add a folder, then, click the Add Folder option.
  3. Select the PST mailbox folders you wish to convert now.
  4. In the drop-down menu for saving files, select ICS from the list of various formats.
  5. By specifying the date range and naming convention, use the date filter tool to sort the objects (if want to).
  6. Select the destination location to save the finished file after that.
  7. Finally, click the “Convert” button to start the procedure.

Wait until all of your chosen PST files convert to ICS. Click OK to conclude after the PST Conversion process is complete.

Note: If Multiple modes have been chosen, click the Convert button and proceed as described above.

Benefits of using Advik PST Converter Tool

The following list of incredible features is provided by the tool:

  • Outlook PST files can be easily converted to a number of other file formats, including HTML, EML, MSG, and MBOX.
  • Carries out bulk conversion with ease.
  • The software can be used without any outside experience being required.
  • An intuitive graphical interface
  • Provides both single-mode and multiple-mode conversions.
  • PST files can be directly exported to various email client programs like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • Does not alter the file’s original hierarchy or structure.
  • No restriction on file size
  • Users can convert 50 emails for free using the tool’s demo version.

Why Do Users Need to Export PST to ICS File?

  • Your calendar allows you to import and export events.
  • It is an open standard since it enables calendar information to be transferred between different suppliers or for business purposes.
  • The amount of files you can trade is unlimited. You can therefore export PST to ICS Files.
  • This enables you to store your calendaring data, including journal entities and some data.

Here, you can make use of a few of the aforementioned justifications for converting PST to ICS files. Additionally, you can use the options listed below to export PST to ICS files.

Manual Way to Convert PST to ICS

You can understand the step-by-step technique given below to export an Outlook PST file to ICS format in this manual procedure:

  1. Launch the MS Outlook program, then select the Calendar icon.
  2. Choose the calendar you wish to convert now.
  3. Go to the File menu now.
  4. Decide to save the calendar.
  5. Now specify the place at which you wish to save the finished file.
  6. For further information, see More Options as well.
  7. You can select a day such as Today, Tomorrow, specific dates, or the entire Calendar using the date range option.
  8. Click OK once you have completed the necessary setup.
  9. To save, click the Save button.

Therefore, to get over all these issues, you can choose the more dependable and secure third-party software way of converting. With the manual conversion method, there are some restrictions. You can therefore employ specialized software that is more dependable and trustworthy to get around them.


We have covered two potential methods for hassle-free online conversion of PST files to ICS file formats in this blog. You may have stated that the manual technique requires a lot of time and effort, and there is a chance that human error could result in the loss of data or harm to the original file. Therefore, I advise using specialized software for speedy and secure conversion.

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