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Do you find it challenging to manage the numerous Windows Live Mail files you have on your desktop? For ease of management, think about consolidating them into one file. Are you thinking about switching to PST files from EML files? You have come to the right spot if such is the case. In this post, we’ll talk about an EML to PST converter that you can download for free and use to Add Multiple Windows Live Mail Files to Outlook without having to use Outlook.

There is no need for an Outlook account to complete the process. If you are set up with the account, this is okay; otherwise, it has no bearing on you. We provide a solution for adding multiple Windows Live Mail files to Outlook after taking all of these considerations into account.

What problems could be handled by converting Windows Live Mail to PST?

EML files only store a single email and all of its related information, so if you have a lot of files, maintaining them could be a challenge. On the other side, the management issue may be fixed by converting each EML file to a separate PST file.

As you are undoubtedly aware, an application that supports EML files is required to view them. You may either inspect the EML files using the required software or convert them to PST to accomplish this. If you are signed into an Outlook account, you can just open it.

Not only can these problems be overcome, but by simply converting EML to PST without Outlook, all of them can be solved. Therefore, find out the response that will allow you to finish the task. This approach is the best one for the task.

Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Download – An Effective Alternative

Since there is no obvious solution to this, we must use a different approach. You may complete this process with the application Mailvita EML to PST Converter Tool. You may easily convert Windows Live Mail to PST without using Outlook thanks to this useful solution.

The software is highly flexible and lets you use a variety of filters to make your task easier. However, all you need to do to complete the assignment is adhere to a short and simple approach. To guarantee your success, we have developed a detailed handbook.

Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion Method, Using or Without Outlook

  • Download and install a reliable EML to PST converter tool on your computer.
  • Select the Directory Mode or File Mode. Click on the “Browse” Button.
  • Show the Preview of the whole EML items.
  • Choose the destination path and Press the browse button.
  • Click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

I’m done now. These easy methods will allow you to convert as many EML files as you like to PST format securely. It will just take a few seconds to convert. So, kindly wait.
Congratulation! Your Windows Live Mail files will be converted in a little while.

You should be familiar with the tool’s attributes in addition to the quick method. You may evaluate them to comprehend the utility’s performance in its context and then decide whether it is the best option for you to convert EML to PST without Outlook by doing so.

Features of the Best Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Application

  • Batch Windows Live Mail to PST conversion: This tool’s capacity to convert EML files to PST in bulk is one of its best features. You could already have a large number of files because EML files only save a single message. Regardless of their size, you might combine any quantity of EML files into a single PST file.
  • Convert with All Attachments: This software can convert EML to PST with all attachments present since your EML files may contain attachments. The EML files are also converted when you convert them, so you don’t need to go through the procedure again. Therefore, you can achieve a thorough and secure conversion from EML files to PST format with the help of this advanced application.
  • Save to a specific location: If you want to convert Windows Live Mail to PST without using Outlook, this software is perfect for you. You can easily find the location you’ve chosen with this tool. To convert your EML files, all you need to do is find their location.
  • Windows Live Mail File Preview: This utility can act as a supporting application for EML files in this situation since EML files cannot be read without the aid of a supported program. All EML files, including any attachments, may be previewed. This tool truly is all-in-one, as you can see.
  • Supports: All Mac and Windows OS versions are supported by this application. The software is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook, including 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.
  • Only a portion of the tool’s capabilities have been demonstrated. There won’t be any confusion when the tool is introduced if we keep you fully informed. It is thus recommended that you use the tool and a number of its advantageous features.

Final Word

It is not possible to simply convert Windows Live Mail files to PST. This necessitates the use of an alternative program. The best tool for this is EML to PST Converter, which can add Multiple Windows Live Mail Files to Outlook without using Outlook in less than a minute. You must first try the gadget to make sure your journey will be fun and straightforward.

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