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Every business owner asks this question when they need an application for professional and business growth purposes – what is the cost to develop a mobile app? It may also be possible that you are also searching for a mobile app development company in Dallas and want to know about the app development cost.

This question has much importance, especially for startups when they have a limited budget with them. First, the cost to develop a mobile app is as low as $10,000, and it can go a maximum of up to $100,000 or more depending on several factors. It is an estimate only. Things can be different based on the market scenario or technology. 

If you have a business in Dallas, are looking for how to create an app, and want to know about its cost, then this blog will help you with answers to your cost-related queries. 

An Overview About Mobile App Development in 2023

Most businesses shifted their focus to mobile apps due to multiple advantages. One of the biggest advantages is connecting with a large customer base, as almost all users use smartphones to order services or products. Mobile apps are helping businesses to generate a significant amount of revenue. In 2023, mobile apps are expected to generate revenue of over $935 billion. 

There are millions of apps available on platforms such as Android and iOS. As per stats, there are 1.96 million apps available on the Apple App Store and over 2.87 million apps available on Google Play Store. The fact may also surprise you that an average smartphone owner uses at least 10 apps. 

If you have a business in Dallas, launching an app for your business would be best, as it will help you grow. Let’s continue with this blog to learn more about the cost of developing an app in Dallas.

The Mobile App Development Cost & Influential Factors

Multiple influential factors are behind the overall cost of developing a mobile app in Dallas. Let’s have a view at what these are: 

#1. Mobile Platforms

There are two major platforms for app development one is Android and another is iOS. So, the cost will be according to the mobile platform. Another is cross-platform mobile app development, which is cost-effective compared to both. The cost for all these three will be like this:

  • Android App Development – $20,000 onwards 
  • iOS App Development – $30,000 onwards
  • Cross-platform App Development- $15,000 onwards

#2. App’s Complexity

The app’s complexity is also one of the crucial factors in deciding the cost of the app. It works like the complexity, the more the cost. Complexity wise, the app development cost is like:

  • Simple App – $10,000- $30,000 
  • Moderate App – $20,000- $40,000
  • Complex App – $40,000 onwards

#3. App’s Features & Functionalities

App’s features and functionalities influence the cost of app development. If features and functionalities are advanced, then it is evident that the cost will be more. Usually, mobile app development companies in Dallas charge for the features like:

  • User Login- <$500 
  • Messaging- $2500-$5000
  • Push Notifications- $1000-$1500+
  • Admin Panel- $3000-$5000

Those above are just examples of other features and functionalities with development costs. 

#4. UX/UI Components

UX –UI stands for user experience and user interface. These are crucial for any app as an end-user only interacts with the app’s interface; they do not interact with the code. Other visual elements, such as graphics and animations, are also related to it. So, the UX/UI cost ranges between $10,000-$20,000. 

#5. Third-party Integrations

Third-party integration is one factor influencing the mobile app development cost. However, it is less compared to the other app’s components. The cost of third-party integrations varies from $500-$2000.  

#6. Project Management Cost

Project management is a crucial component of the mobile application development process. It is required to manage the project from start to end. So, its cost is 10-20% of the overall budget. 

#7. Hiring Cost

It is a top-notch factor that decides the cost. Suppose you need to hire developers from Dallas mobile app development company; then the hiring cost will be according to the experience of the developers. 

  • Junior Developers: $20/hr. 
  • Intermediate Developers: <$30/hr.
  • Senior Developers: <40/hr. 

So, it is all about the cost of creating the app in 2023. But do you know what the hidden factors associated with it? If not, then this blog’s upcoming section will help you know about it. 

The Hidden Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost

Following most common hidden influential factors to the app development cost are as follows:

  • App Testing

It is also known as quality assurance. It is a procedure to test the app to identify risks & vulnerabilities to make it flawless. So, the cost of hiring quality analysts is also associated with the total app development price. 

  • Infra Cost

It includes app hosting cost, data management cost, server cost, and others. Although compared to the total cost, it is less but crucial. 

  • App Publishing 

Publishing an app also requires a certain amount that influences the overall cost. For example, – Apple App Store charges $99 per year for the app; on the other hand, Google Play Store charges $25 as a one-time fee.  

The Conclusion

Defining mobile app development is a tough task until and unless you do not know what kind of app you need, what features & functionalities are required in your app, how many developers you need, and more. Although the average range to develop the cost varies between $20,000-$50,000 initially.

The cost of advanced app development may be higher than this. If you need a precise cost estimate, consulting with a reputable mobile app development company in Dallas would be beneficial. The experts will help not only with the cost but also with the app development.   

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