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Security testing is amongst the most intriguing branches of software testing. In order to carry out security testing, the tester will need fundamental software architecture understanding and adequate knowledge to conduct it. It is imperative to have strong analytical skills and the ability to think creatively. The world is constantly changing and a common man is seen operating nine to ten applications every day. Over the next couple of years, this fraction will have expanded significantly, keeping in mind the technological developments we are observing today. Security testing can be defined as re-analyzing the sphere of testing.

Therefore, security testing companies always take into account various trends that are currently impacting the industry. These trends are mentioned below.

The Acceleration of Non-financial and Financial Sector

An increasing amount of network and phone applications are under formulation that aims to dominate the traditional strategies of representing critical data. Additionally, there are actions being taken to carry out transactions for the convenience of the end-user with just one click.

The Increase In Agile and DevOps

Adoption in the DevOps and Agile term will keep on expanding. In the coming years in 2020, over 90% of the corporations will recognize these developments and make efforts to incorporate them. Hence, it is imperative for testers to get familiarized with modern skills and have a fair idea of the forthcoming software development procedures.

The Prototype Transformation From Manual To Automated Testing

The increasing amount of cyber-crime cases is putting the safety of multinational banks and financial corporations at risk. With such sensitive data at hand, it is crucial to be aware of the strategies that can help safeguard it. Firstly, comprehend the sequence of processes that take place within the end-to-end framework. Secondly, look out for weak and unprotected areas and incorporate automation to test cases.

Internet of Things (IoT) is now permeating with wearable tech devices

Hyperconnectivity is dominating the world and the consumption of devices by 2025 is expected to be around 1 trillion. With the web economy continuously escalating and the skyrocketing technological advances, large corporations are struggling to cope up with the pressure. Formulating the appropriate tools and embracing modern trends will aid them in remaining competitive and successful.

Shift Left and Shift Right Approach

Neither switches to the right nor left are amongst the most contemporary trends when it comes to software testing. However, a mixture of the two ideas appears to work well for multiple corporations. Switch left emphasizes quality prior to the design phase to prevent rather than detect. It is used to style a perfect model for a speedy development whereas, on the other hand, shift right is directed towards testing while in production. The focus should be aimed toward shifting left (to encourage advanced and constant testing) as well as shifting right (to deal with security and customer experience matters).

Due to such a massive proportion of data stocked up in web applications and a boost in the number of transactions on the web, adequate security testing of web applications is becoming extremely important. In order to carry out security testing, it is critical to be aware of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) manipulation, vulnerability, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and password decoding and spoofing.


A myriad number of strategies exist when it comes to cracking an application and security testing is only one way of gauging how safe the application is. However, it is strongly suggested that security testing is incorporated as an ingredient of the basic software development and testing procedure. Security testing plays a central role when it comes to spotting vulnerabilities and examining that private data stays private. In security testing, testers are assigned to take up the part of an attacker to cope up with the procedure in order to uncover the complications related to security. Security testing plays an imperative role in reinventing the world of security. Therefore, security testing companies always take into consideration the factors mentioned above.

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