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Selecting the right curriculum for your child can be a challenging process because you always want the best for your child, and it starts with selecting the best school with the best curriculum. There is a wide range of options available in the education landscape to suit each child’s learning needs.

This article will give you a better understanding of various types of the international school curriculum so you can make the right choice to shape the future of your child.

Preschool Educational Programme

To build a strong base of your child is very important. Preschool education is an important time in children’s lives because it is when they first learn how to communicate with others, including their peers, teachers, and parents, and also begin to develop interests and hobbies that will stay with them throughout their lives. Some preschool curricula include the Montessori Programme for spontaneous learning, the Reggio Emilia approach for hands-on experience, the Waldorf Steiner method, and multiple intelligences methods for academic intelligence

AERO Educational Programme

AERO stands for American Education Reaches Out. AERO is an educational programme that gives an upper hand to students and their parents who aspire to send their child to America. In this curriculum, the child from Preschool to 12th Grade has the option to select subjects according to their interest even before their major.

IB educational programme

IB or the International Baccalaureate is a curriculum e considered as the most leading and progressive in the entire world. It is an inquiry-based curriculum for primary, middle and secondary school students which emphasizes on balanced exposure to academics, inquiry-based curriculum and community activities for all-round development.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum develops its students intellectually, emotionally, substantially, and culturally to help them succeed in this competitive world.

IPC educational programme

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a highly potential global curriculum that is suitable for the age group of 3 to 12. It gives them a head start with international education. In this curriculum, the child is exposed to exciting activities, goal-based connections, ethics, and kindness. CBSE schools in Singapore cover a wide range of exposure facilities just like the IPC educational programme. It has made it difficult for the parents to select the right educational programme for their child.

IGCSE Programme

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations and is highly effective for students who want to develop skills in creative thinking, inquiry-based thinking and problem solving. Students have an option of around 70 subjects to choose from including 30 languages. They can select a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects depending on their preferences.

The curriculum is flexible, challenging, and inspiring, and has an international approach. Worldwide, it is delivered in schools in over 160 countries and is recognized by colleges and universities everywhere, more so in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

CBSE Programme

CBSE schools in Singapore can be an ideal option for every ex-pat Indian parent’s first choice. This Indian curriculum is reputed for academic rigour, practicals-based approach with emphasis on extracurricular and co-curricular skills. Learning opportunities include researching and developing a global perspective for students through languages, social sciences, and STEM subjects.

GIIS Singapore is a pioneer in CBSE education in the city-state and is one of the rare schools that provides IB, IG, and CBSE curriculum under one roof.

GCSE educational programme

GCSE or the General Certificate of Secondary Education is adopted by the ministry of education in Singapore. The GCSE educational programme offers an ample amount of subjects for their students which opens multiple career options for them and leaves the parents satisfied and happy. This option is open for locals, but ex-pat students can apply after scoring highly in competitive examinations only.

In this pool of various types of international school curricula, we hope to have helped you in selecting the right type of international school for your child. While CBSE schools in Singapore are considered to be one of the best options for Indian ex-pat children, there is still a wide range of curricula to choose from which are getting popular with the parents. It’s best to opt for an educational programme which helps your child to grow and develop in every way possible and helps in sharpening the mind of the child just like the evolving world.

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