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People love exchanging gifts with each other. However, the first thing that grabs the attention of people is the wrapping of the gift. Here comes the kraft gift boxes that provide an elegant way to package gifts for your loved ones. 

The reciever first indulges in the beauty of the packaging before opening the real surprise. Such boxes elevate the curiosity and excitement and your simple gift becomes a long lasting memory in eyes of your loved ones. 

Why Is Kraft The Best Choice For Gift Boxes?

There are several reasons for the kraft to reign as the most suitable material choice for making the gift boxes. These include, 

  • The durability of kraft makes it a perfect choice for presenting light as well as heavy objects as gifts.
  • Kraft is less expensive compared to cardboard or plastic
  • It is ecofriendly
  • Kraft is completely flexible to customization
  • It is a versatile choice for plenty of products
  • Kraft is stylish enough to encourage excitement in the receiver 

What Are The Types Of Gift Boxes?

There are unlimited choices for you to design your kraft gift packaging. This is possible because of their customization flexibility. Some of the most trending gift types include

Folding Kraft Gift Boxes

They are one of the kraft boxes wholesale option. Folding gift boxes are shipped flat and can be assembled easily upon arrival. They are most suited for the big occasions such as weddings where you plan to present gift to the guests or for the corporate offices which bring smiles to employees. 

Kraft Rigid Gift Boxes

Never worry about the heavier objects when you have custo kraft rigid boxes. Made of thick kraft, they make up a sturdy construction that works best for heavier objects. 

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Kraft Window Gift Boxes

Ever thought of surprising the receivers on the first look? Then try the kraft boxes with windows. People do not need to open to box when they can see the surprise without opening it. A die-cut window in gift boxes makes people excited about the present. 

Kraft Gift Boxes With Lids

They have a top flap that closes perfectly. The lid prevents the present from falling. Kraft boxes with lids are suitable for products that require a secure closure. 

Kraft Boxes With Handles

When you need a gift box to carry your products, consider adding a handle. Because they make it easy to carry and hand over the present. 

Holiday Themed Gift Boxes

When it comes to a special holiday, consider using the kraft boxes with special themes. For example for a christmas present, choose a box which portrays christmas tree.

Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Custom printing gives you full support when you want to make personalized gift boxes. You can make your own designs and print colorful graphics as per the occasions. For example, for birthday choose a box that itself says, “Happy Birthday”. Theses printed gift boxes blend perfectly in the occasion and give a feeling to the receiver that they are specially meant for them.

Gift Boxes With Different Shapes

You can customize the shape or kraft paper as you want your boxes. Unleash you creativity in this regard and make you own designs such as heart shaped gift boxes for the Valentine’s day or other romantic occasions. Or you can choose the kraft gable boxes with handles that serve as a home to your presents.

Tips For Using Kraft Boxes

Once you know, what gift box to select, you can pack your gift inside it. Here are few tips to use and decorate your personalized gift boxes for your loved ones.

  • Ensure that you choose a kraft box that is of right size. Not too big not too small.
  • Ensure that the prints of the box meet the themes of the occasion.
  • Decorate the box with a materials, such as ribbon, twine, stickers, or stamps. 
  • You can also write a personal message on the box or write a message on the note.
  • Once you have decorated the box, wrap the gift carefully in other wrapping material.
  • Close the box and present it at the right time. 

Final Wording

In short, when you require an affordable but sturdy box to gift someone, then kraft should be your top choice. It’s customization, versatility, designs, and sustainability makes it a perfect choice for any gift. Further, kraft gift boxes can be printed in different colors and themes which extend their usage for all occasions.

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