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Introduction/Summary: If you are thinking of a way to import MBOX files to Outlook, you have come to the right location. This article addresses the commonplace question asked by Outlook users and those trying to open MBOX files in Outlook. We’ll explore effective techniques to attain this, catering to both manual and expert methods.

Reasons to Import MBOX Files to Outlook

Why is it critical to import MBOX documents into Outlook? Users are more and more choosing Outlook over different MBOX-assisting email clients because of its superior offerings and the limitations faced by options like Mozilla Thunderbird. Outlook’s sturdy capabilities, accessibility of PST document layout globally, and green information management make it a desired preference.


Moreover, Microsoft Outlook offers terrific services with several benefits:

  • Outlook helps with the broadly reachable PST file layout globally.
  • It boasts first-rate features, which have contributed to its recognition amongst users.
  • Users can successfully control their emails, contacts, obligations, notes, calendars, and journals.
  • Additionally, Outlook lets in offline access to MBOX files and greater.

Manual Method: To Export MBOX Emails to Outlook PST

Manually importing MBOX documents into Outlook involves a 3-step process:

Step 1: Configuring Gmail to Thunderbird:

  • Enable the IMAP choice in Thunderbird.
  • In Gmail, navigate to “All Settings” and pick out “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”
  • Opt for the “Enable IMAP” option.
  • Once you’ve adjusted your Gmail settings, open Thunderbird.
  • Click “Tools,” “Account Movement,” and “Add Email Account.”
  • Provide the important information and click “Continue.”
  • Enable IMAP and select “Manual Configuration.”
  • Incoming: imap.Gmail.Com, Port: 993 or 143
  • Outgoing: smtp.Gmail.Com, Port: 465 or 25
  • Provide your username and click on “Re-take a look at.”

Moving Thunderbird Mail to Outlook in Step Two:

  • Select and pass the MBOX documents to the configured e-mail account.
  • It’s recommended to keep Thunderbird mail in a new folder inside the Gmail inbox.

Step 3: Configuring Gmail to Outlook:

  • Click on “File” and “Add Account.”
  • Choose “Manual setup or additional server types” and click on “Next.”
  • Select “POP or IMAP” and “Next.”
  • Fill in all of the required facts.
  • Click on “Account Type & IMAP.”
  • Incoming server: IMAP.Gmail.Com; Outgoing server: smtp.Gmail.Com
  • Navigate to “More Settings” and select “Select Outgoing Server (SMTP)” and “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server.”
  • Access the “Income Server (IMAP)” and “Advanced Tab” on either 993 or 995.
  • Outgoing Server: 587 or 465; Encryption: TLS and OK
  • Click on “Test Account Settings” and “Finish.”

By following those steps, the process of uploading MBOX files into Outlook is effectively completed. However, a few users may additionally find this approach much less ultimate because of its obstacles while starting MBOX documents in Outlook.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

While the guide technique is viable, it comes with drawbacks.

  • It’s complex and tricky.
  • Time-ingesting.
  • High hazard of factual loss.
  • able to import a single MBOX file at once.

Professional Method: FixVare MBOX to PST Converter Software

To conquer the constraints of the manual method, recall using expert tools like FixVare MBOX to PST Converter Program. This software streamlines the method, ensuring a brief and reliable solution. It gives features that include Converting MBOX files to PST with attachments, creating a single PST record for more than one MBOX file, helping diverse e-mail clients, and exporting records adequately.

This device is packed with capabilities, making it a truthful answer for importing MBOX files into Outlook without the threat of information loss.

Here are some standout functions of the software:

  • It seamlessly converts MBOX documents to PST, consisting of attachments.
  • You can create a single PST document for a couple of MBOX files, simplifying the process.
  • It supports over 40 email clients, offering versatility.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions, ensuring vast usability.
  • Ensures safe information export, prioritizing the integrity of your records.
  • Generates UNICODE PST documents, enhancing compatibility.
  • The tool additionally provides a loose demo model, permitting users to discover its abilities. Importing and starting MBOX documents in Outlook becomes a breeze in only a few minutes by following these steps:

Steps to Open MBOX Files in Outlook:

  • Install and open the recommended tool.
  • Click on “Select folder” and add your MBOX files to the device.
  • Hit the “Convert” button to convert MBOX files to PST.
  • Choose the target vicinity to store the PST document.
  • With these easy steps, the manner of importing MBOX files to Outlook is complete, and you are ready to get access to your files in Outlook problem-free.

Import PST files into MS Outlook.

  • Start up Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  • In the Outlook window, click the “File” button in the upper-left corner.
  • Proceed by selecting “Import from another program or file” in the Import and Export Wizard and clicking “Next.”
  • Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and then select “Next.
  • Select “Browse” and go to the directory containing your PST file.
  • Select the PST file you wish to import and the appropriate choices based on your requirements. During the import process, you have the option to permit the creation of duplicates or not.
  • After selecting the import folder, click “Next”. The PST file can be imported in its entirety or in certain folders.
  • To import data, select the target folder in your existing Outlook profile.
  • To begin the import procedure, click “Finish”.
  • The import procedure might take some time, depending on how big the PST file is. After everything is finished, the imported data may be found in the designated Outlook folder.

In Summary,

To sum up, this post covered two ways to import MBOX files into Outlook. Although the manual technique is accessible, it is complicated and has restrictions. The expert approach, which makes use of programs like FixVare MBOX to PST converter, is advised because of its effectiveness and ease of use. Select the approach that best suits your needs and tastes to ensure an easy switch to Outlook.

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