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Summary: Outlook is the most reliable Email Client for home and Business users. It uses both File formats, such as OST and PST. Most of the time, the User struggles with importing OST files into Gmail. Therefore, with this write-up, we will discuss both the Manual and Professional procedures to Import OST to Gmail accounts. Additionally, we will discuss using the Aryson OST to PST Converter Tool to Import OST file to Gmail without Outlook. Before proceeding further, Let’s learn how the OST Files work.

Introduction: How does Offline Outlook Data File (OST) work?

An offline Outlook data file known as an OST synchronizes a copy of your system’s mailbox data. You may utilize Outlook while working offline. All modifications made to the OST file will be synchronized to the server once connectivity is established.

Now let’s focus on the primary goal of our write-up, which is how to Import OST to Gmail Account and know the methods to accomplish it.

Manual Procedure by Using GSMMO to Import OST file into Gmail

A manual Procedure that can be used for importing the OST file involves 3 main steps. You will have to implement the 3 Main steps mentioned below:-

  • Locate the OST FIles
  • Export OST to PST FIle format
  • Import Resultant PST to Gmail using GSMMO Tool.
Step 1:- Locate the OST FIles
  1. Run MS Outlook Application and go for the File Tab.
  2. Select the Account Setting option and further again click on Account Settings.
  3. Go for the Data Files tab, select the OST File that you want to import to Gmail, and Hit on Open File Location.
  4. The location will be displayed on the screen. Through this, you can extract the OST File from Here.

Note:- You can also find the OST file using –C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook, but it is also as per the User’s preference where he wishes to save the OST Files. After Locating the OST Files, we need to convert them into PST.

Step 2:- Export OST to PST FIle format

To import the OST file into Gmail, you need to move the file into a PST.

  1. Go to the MS Outlook application and Select the File Tab.
  2. Pick the Open & Export option and then select Import/Export.
  3. Now Choose the Export to a File option, and then hit Next.
  4. A new Pop-up box will appear where you will have to click on the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.
  5. Select Next and pick the Account whose email you want to migrate to PST.  
  6. To continue, click Next Option, and then browse to the location where you need to save the resultant PST File.
  7. At Last, tap the Finish button, and your OST file will be converted to PST File.

After this conversion, You can import the PST File to Gmail using the GSMMO Tool. Let’s adhere further to know the steps.

Step 3:- Import Resultant PST to Gmail using GSMMO Tool

GSMMO is defined as Google Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool. It’s a free application that can help import the Resultant PST File to Gmail. Let’s discuss the steps mentioned below:- 

  1. Download, install, and Run the G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Enter the Login credentials and click on Continue.
  3. After this, a sign-in page will appear; provide the password, and Hit Next. On the next page, You have to Allow access to your Gmail account by the GSMMO application; after this, a confirmation will appear if everything goes well.
  4. A new dialog window will display where you must select the From the PST file(s) option from the drop-down menu and hit the Next Button.
  5. You’ll be directed to the PST file’s location. Select the Next option to proceed further.
  6. Manage the migration settings according to your preference and click on migrate once done.
  7. After this, the PST migration process starts, and you will receive a confirmation once it is done.

Now, you can sign in to your Gmail account and view the imported PST file in it. It is the complete process of importing the OST file into the Gmail Account.

Demerits of Using Manual Procedures.

However, the Manual procedure is free. But until and unless you have good technical knowledge, only then can you implement the Manual method to import OST to Gmail. It needs a good technical hand on experience to do it easily. Moreover, this manual procedure is quite lengthy and time taking. You cannot implement it all at once. You need to follow a step-by-step procedure, including Locating OST, Converting OST to PST, and then importing PST to Gmail. Additionally, we suggest the Top-notch OST to PST Converter software to make this Import directly from OST to Gmail. 

The professional method is the perfect and direct approach to importing OST file into Gmail accounts using Third Party Software such as the OST to PST Converter tool. It converts OST to Gmail in just a few simple steps. This software is known for its reliability and quality. Using this tool, you can easily import OST emails and attachments into your Gmail account and maintain the hierarchy of folders. Moreover, importing an OST file to Gmail without Outlook can be done by using this software.


In this Blog, we discussed GSMMO to import OST file into Gmail accounts Manually. The procedure is lengthy and time-Consuming; we advise using a third-party application that provides quick results and gives you a direct option to transfer OST to a Gmail account to save time and effort. We recommend using the utility because it has many capabilities and will make your import hassle-free.

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