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In the era of the internet everywhere, every business needs to support communication from multiple channels. Gone are when people relied on call centers to address their issues. Presently, customers pick up their phones, open the application, and raise a query there. Parallely, an agent would be assigned to resolve the task instantly. Customers are happy and satisfied with the resolution.

This is where contact centers have become the saviors of most businesses. Right from small medium to enterprise businesses, this platform can be an exceptional solution to gain customers’ trust and satisfaction.

This blog lets us explore contact center software and its types, features, and benefits.


What is a Contact Center Software?

Contact Center Software enables businesses to manage inbound and outbound calls and other messaging channels from customers, such as voice, emails, web chats, videos, SMS, MMS, social media, etc. This software was developed to enhance the customer experience.

Unlike traditional phone systems, contact center software does not require any physical infrastructure, equipment, or hardware to get started. Hence, when investing in contact center software, businesses can enjoy an affordable pricing plan.

Also, when compared with call centers, contact centers are way more effective. Call Centers are designed to handle inbound and outbound calls, while contact centers can manage all forms of communication from different mediums.


Types of Contact Centers:
Contact Centers are of the following types:

Cloud-based contact centers

Cloud-based contact centers allow businesses to manage customer communication online. These centers are hosted over the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere on any device using the Internet. They are also termed “Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS).” Hence, agents can log in from anywhere and will require a headset, a device, and a reliable internet connection to get started. They are inexpensive, and there are no setup, maintenance, or upgrade costs. This is also quick to set up and implement.

On-premise contact centers

Traditional on-premise contact centers are mostly hardware-based and can be fully hosted on local servers. They provide high-end security by storing data and information on their servers. However, setup, upgrades, and maintenance costs are high, so a business should be prepared to spend money on them. You may also need a separate IT team to perform the maintenance activities.

Multichannel contact centers

As the name suggests, multichannel contact centers enable businesses to manage customer communication from different platforms. An individual infrastructure is required to manage every channel. Hence, agents have to switch between various channels, such as emails, web chats, voice, SMS, etc., to engage customers on time. This contact center lacks continuity, and customers can become frustrated sometimes when there is no response from the agent’s end. Also, you will not be able to access previous chat history.

Omnichannel contact centers

On the other hand, Omnichannel contact centers are the same as multichannel ones, but with the difference that all communication channels are integrated into the same infrastructure. Thus, agents do not need to switch between the applications as all the mediums are on the same platform. This can save time for the agents, increase their productivity, and also, timely response can enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, they are budget-friendly, easy to use, and highly scalable.


Feature of a Contact Center: 


Contact centers help businesses and their customers communicate through telephones. This primary interaction can resolve queries and complaints and inform customers about new product launches, promotions, offers, discounts, and other important notifications. Traditional telephones were previously used. Presently, businesses are switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Cloud-based systems for their flexibility, affordability, and remote-friendly work culture.

Messaging and Mobile Apps

Secondly, businesses can start using messaging and mobile apps to interact with customers. Omnichannel contact centers have recently gained popularity with their usage of chatbots, emails, SMS, social media, etc., on a single platform. Customers find this an excellent option as they can reach out to businesses at their fingertips.

Web Conference/Video Calls

Apart from messaging, web and video conferencing are the other rich features of a contact center that have attracted customers worldwide. With a single click, customers and businesses can instantly connect with each other.

Customer Data Analytics

Businesses can easily track performance and customer data by filtering and extracting customer reports, which include data such as missed calls, answered calls, messaging, videos, etc. This data can be used for businesses’ future decisions.


Advantages of contact centers:

Immediate Support

Agents can provide customers with quick support from various channels as everything is integrated on a single platform. This instant support can enhance customer satisfaction and elevate businesses to higher stages.

Onboarding Assistance

If the business is onboarding different agents daily, it is challenging for higher officials to guide onboarding. In the case of contact centers, onboarding becomes hassle-free and can be done within a few minutes.

Better Compliance

Every business comes with various compliances and practices. It is essential to follow and proceed with the work operations exceptionally. With the contact center, there are no concerns about compliance and regulatory practices as they are fully compliant.

Enhanced Efficiency

Businesses can experience a streamlined business workflow and operations with a contact center. As it comes with advanced features when compared to traditional business phone systems, one can enjoy its efficiency.



It is time to switch to contact center software and gain customers’ trust. If you are still using a traditional business phone system, this software can be a savior. Write down your business needs and choose contact center software that perfectly aligns with them.

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