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Some platforms like YouTube and Patreon were among the very first platforms to be recognized by creators. These websites enabled generating an income stream for the artists and supported them in their journey.

Patreon allows artists to collect funds via crowdfunding and donations. YouTube makes it possible to earn via ads and other monetization methods.

However, many creators nowadays face issues with both of these platforms due to their high commission fees, restrictions, and censorship.

So if you are a creator looking for alternatives that charge low commissions and give more freedom in content creation, you are at the right place.

Today we bring you the 10 best alternative monetization platforms for both YouTube & Patreon Creators. Some have the lowest prices, and some are even free to use.


GUDSHO is a Premium Video Monetization platform which is the best opt for YouTubers & Patreon Creators. Creators of all kinds can upload, stream & monetize their video content in a seamless way.

The platform invites premium content creators from all around the world. Due to enabling international currency and global reach, this is one of the branded platform.


  • Clean user interface
  • Drag and drop function for video uploads
  • Bulk uploading
  • High-quality video quality
  • Live streaming and on-demand uploads


  • Limited niches
  • Relatively new platform
  • No customization options

Headquarters:  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Founded: 2022

Website: www.gudsho.com

2. Memberful

Memberful can be used as a WordPress plugin letting creators sell memberships. Additionally, it can also be added to Stripe and Mailchimp.

The plugin works best for large companies as it provides them with scalability. Using the same, these companies can accommodate resources as per their requirements.


  • Customizable player for branding
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Forums for members to engage
  • Email newsletters


  • Limited features as compared to other platforms


The platform charges a 10% transaction fee. Users can activate the paid membership by paying $25 monthly and 4.9% transaction fees.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.

Founded: 2013

Website: www.memberful.com

3. Buymeacoffee

Buy Me a Coffee earns creators via donations. This is one of the video platforms like YouTube; however, it works best for artists and creators who already have built a fanbase.


  • Creators can let their audience download the content
  • Payments are automatically sent
  • Earn via donations


  • Only works best for small businesses and individuals


You pay 5% transaction fee and the processing fee every time you process the payment. That’s it!

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Founded: 2018

Website: www.buymeacoffee.com

4. Ko-fi

This can be the next best alternative to Youtube for artists like writers, podcasters, or other ones to raise the request for donations and commissions. By sharing your work, you can ask your fans for tipping, and they can contribute as little or as big as they want. 

For those wishing to access premium features, need to purchase the $6 per month plan.


  • Simple and neat user interface
  • Creators can earn through memberships, paywall content, and personalized commissions
  • 0% commission on your donations


  • Fans need to make a donation of at least $3
  • No support for marketing or advertising your channel

Headquarters: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Founded: 2017

Website: www.ko-fi.com

5. Vimeo

Vimeo is a platform mainly used by companies and organizations and can be the best YouTube alternative. Professionals can conduct events such as webinars and use them for employee communication. It also enables creators to upload their videos or do live streaming and monetize them.


  • Live streaming
  • Ability to create your own app
  • 100+ currencies supported to let you earn globally
  • Customization options for branded videos


  • Pricing models might seem a bit complicated
  • Not-so-flexible customer service
  • Buffering while uploading videos


The Starter plan charges you $9 per month; for the Advanced plan, it is $65 per month. For the Enterprise plan, you can get help from their customer team.

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Founded: 2004

Website: www.vimeo.com

6. TheFloor

The platform works by letting content creators and content lovers connect. They support creators through memberships, community, and direct support or donations.

The website invites all kinds of creators, such as writers, gamers, musicians, visual artists, podcasters, etc.

You can have all the necessary customization options. Soon they will launch “The Floor Shop” through which you will be able to sell many items.


  • Ability to sell tickets for both live stream and physical events
  • Income calculator
  • Across the globe attendees
  • 20 G.B. free storage
  • Customizable notifications
  • Various earning methods


  • None discovered


There are various pricing options and free-to-use options too. For Memberships, they take 7% per paying member, and for the tickets, they take 50p + 1% per ticket sold.

Headquarters: London, England

Founded: 2018

Website: www.thefloor.com

7. Kickstarter

Another one among the websites like YouTube, Kickstarter is a great help for those artists whose work revolves around visuals. For example, people who create films, music, games, comics, photography, and other such creations should try Kickstarter.


  • Helps you connect with potential investors
  • Helps startups to receive publicity
  • Backer’s data to improve your marketing strategy
  • Networking with other startups


  • No crowdfunding support
  • Creators need to fulfill fundraising targets to receive funds
  • No subscription model to monetize
  • Not every project succeeds
  • If your project succeeds, you must provide your supporters with a physical reward.


If the project succeeds, you must pay a 5% fee other than payment processing fees. There is also a charge of $0.05 to $0.20 per pledge.

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Founded: 2007

Website: www.kickstarter.com

8. Millions.co

Millions.co is exclusively for athletes and sports lovers! Here gym enthusiasts and those who are athletes create their channels and upload their videos of training. Some also make predictions about upcoming sporting events, share their stories, and answer their fans’ questions via live streaming.

Here you can earn via merchandising, donations, and getting involved in the watch party with your fans.


  • Connects fans with their favorite athletes
  • Designs the coolest merch
  • Free to use; you only pay the transaction fee


Payouts take place only once a month or after 30 days

  • Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Founded: 2021
  • Website: www.millions.co

9. Tribe

Agencies and individual marketers who want to acquire better conversions, customer retention, and improve their social connections should opt for Tribe. They provide a cloud-based system for all operations, and a simplified Google Analytics for WordPress use.


  • Provides a lot of customization options
  • Cloud-based community
  • Google Analytics that are easier to comprehend
  • Send analytics automatically to your clients
  • Lets you observe the performance of your campaigns


  • No mobile application
  • You may notice minor bugs and glitches


Individuals can use their free plan. Big businesses that need advanced options can opt for

$85 and $249 monthly plans.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Founded: 2018

Website: www.tribe.so

10. Masterclass

Masterclass lets creators create tutorials in their choice of category. This one among the Patreon alternatives supports niches like Food, Music, Entertainment, Writing, Home, and more.

Viewers pay a subscription fee monthly to stream your content. Audiences interested in learning a new hobby by watching video sessions and not reading the text opt for this platform.


  • Wide variety of niches to create in
  • User-friendly interface and app
  • High-quality videos


  • None discovered

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.

Founded: 2015

Website: www.masterclass.com

Wrapping It Up

While signing up on a streaming platform and creating content there, you are looking for something long-term. Hence, outline your vision for the coming years and consider a platform accordingly.

Many websites are commission free or far less commission-demanding than YouTube and Patreon, however, check the ins and outs before finalizing.

Above, we have mentioned some alternatives, and creators are advised to pick one that works with their niche and suits their expectations.

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